Saturday, 6 December 2014

Deaf, Dumb and Blind

I think I've lost my ability to write,
I can no longer tell what is wrong and what is right.
My heart is dumb,
my thoughts are blind,
and my soul is deaf without sound or mind.
Oblivious to the world;  sorrowful words,
I bleed internally and it's how sorrow will hurt.
Regrets and remorse since the day of my birth,
and today I will never understand what my life is worth.
A paradox unfathomable; paradigms ever shifting and changing,
the world is always evolving and the flames are forever blazing.
Memories that we keep of old I try erasing,
but the pain is infinite and the torment enslaves me.
Many a time I see the shadow of a cloaked figure,
All black from head to toe and with boney fingers.
Claiming lives as it floats by; and with only one name it goes by,
Death is the one thing we fear most and the fear lingers.
Even my words cry from losing it's serenaded rhythm,
a heart that is trapped in a levitating prison.
There used to be a time when the stars would listen,
but now they too just stand by and merely glisten.
What did I envision from a world so dead with monotony,
leaders in wealth competing for the biggest monopoly.
I feel all this weight that burdens me on top of me,
and it's dividing like the masses and colonies.
Yet there remains no honesty and people find this a comedy,
no one abides by laws and policies and they let slip the economy.
And we've lost all modesty; it seems we're losing quality,
And for each and every soul life is an odyssey.
There is meaning in what I write and my prosody,
and I want the same quality in my future progeny.
It seems in todays world no soul can have a colloquy,
Nothing but chaos and havoc; this time is an atrocity.
I pray for serenity and for the peace of my mind,
for a better world in which I feel I can write.
I've lost my sight and I have become blind,
And I pray for a cure because no longer do I wish to cry

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