Monday, 15 December 2014

Finding Hope Again

I was lost slipping on the tears I shed,
thoughts consumed by darkness.
Overwhelmed in pain by the wounds that bled,
and a decision to make myself heartless.

The ink I wrote with had gone dry,
my feelings no longer stirred.
I lost all will and tears to cry,
And my voice was no longer heard.

Doubts ate me,
rhetoric devoured me.
Then hope embraced me,
And now I've found peace.

Always questioning the light at the end,
I was travelling through a long and dark cove.
and as the light was growing I wondered if this was my end,
but no twas the glimmer that embraces; something called hope.

I escaped the darkness with a rope of life,
and I found my pen again and my will to write.
Quietly I heard again those very same symphonies,
the ones that blessed me with poetic sight.

My heart is whole again as the ink is flowing,
And the sun shines brightly whilst the breeze is blowing.
An ambience so pure like the angels in serenades,
And until death I shall reap what I was once sowing.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Dead Passion

My thoughts are drowning in voiceless echoes,
and my heart is at war with feelings.
I feel stung by a stiletto; the shadows bellow,
as I'm slowly being consumed by my own breathing.

My passion for rhyme is now dead,
and I'm forgetting everything that I once said.
I was once called a Picasso of words
because they thought I was the best,
but my will is dead and so is the rest.

Pen to paper but I can't hear my melodies,
they call it writer's block but where is the remedy?
In the end could this be my destiny?
a dead passion that will remain only a memory?

My heart is broken and my soul is crying,
tell me why I should keep on trying?
She never really cared so why did I keep fighting,
Devastated pain can be felt when I'm sighing.

I have given up on everything that was once a choice,
I've lost my will, my passion and my poetic voice.
My pen is broken and the ink I used is dry,
because my heart is finished; and there are no more tears to cry.

I bleed when I breathe,
I cry when I sigh.
Thoughts of her remains,
but why did she lie?

The serenade has ended,
The melodies are diminished.
I wish that before I had left it,
now my heart is broken and finished.

No revival for a dead passion,
I've crossed the point of no return.
these are my final words as my soul is ashen,
forever in the old flames I shall burn.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

I'm Not Invisible

I'm an individual,
I'm not invisible.
My heart beats,
like I drop syllables.
I write miracles,
when my heart is lyrical.
You will never see me cynical,
everything I am is visible.
I reach heights like pinnacles,
conquering word play isn't difficult.

When I write I keep nonsense to a minimal,
every sentence I string together is critical.
Full of meaning and feeling they say my heart is mythical,
And  I'm not just a poet; not your typical.
I see my life in a view so analytical,
and I tend to find most things forgivable.
The experiences I faced were empirical,
you will never see me acting like I'm pivotal.
Remember the truth isn't something that is miscible,
and nothing I write will ever be fictional.
I murdered a thesaurus but I'm not a criminal,
I find solace in passion but I'm not spiritual.

I used to eat dictionaries
and serenade my rhymes,
The world labelled me a visionary
because I was a legend with my mind.
I constructed melodies of words,
A rhythm of a stuttering heartbeat.
What I wrote was remedies to a curse,
It's like when you listen to the stars speak.

I may be brown skinned but love isn't conditional,
it's the soul that matters not what's physical.
Anyone that thinks otherwise I find to be despicable,
but we live a life that can never be predictable.
Many corridors of life tend to be equivocal,
and we're advancing from the stone age to the digital.
My soul is something that will never be extricable,
we live our lives governed by a law that's provisional.
I'm a soul like you; Yes I'm an individual,
so acknowledge me because I'm not invisible.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

I Miss You

Days are cold without your warm embrace,
like the dying memories that we try to erase.
The magic we once created we could never retrace,
and those footprints are steps we could never retake.

Everything has moved on and I hope you're living happily,
We can never go back; that's just another one of our fantasies.
We saw what we had to see and it broke down ever so rapidly.
and I want to see you with smiles instead of pain and agony.

You were my world and the reason I wanted to live,
I was in heaven in every moment that we kissed.
You were the reason why I woke in the mornings my eternal bliss,
the miracle I was looking for; the reason I exist.

I miss you and I need you,
where are you; I always believed you.
Do you remember everything that we had,
no fairy tale could ever narrate  a love so true.

We used to send notes writing down all of our feelings,
letters and emails, tweets and hundreds of texts.
Our story really gave the word "Love" a whole new meaning,
and even today you are still stuck in my head.

Even though I'm here, and you're somewhere else,
I still live my life sighing your name in my breath.
I wish I could find you; I wish I could embrace you,
and tell you that I will love you until my demise and death.

I stood strong in life but your absence has made me weak,
I never cared about much but your absence has destroyed my peace.
I can't smile the way I used to unless you come back to me,
My beloved, I'm waiting for you for however long I will breathe.

   I'm bleeding
               and crying,
                        I'm defeated,
                            and forever sighing.
                                             Your name,
                                                 I'm in pain,
                                                     nothing but rain,
                                                          losing hope.
                                                             A dying soul,
                                                               growing old.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Deaf, Dumb and Blind

I think I've lost my ability to write,
I can no longer tell what is wrong and what is right.
My heart is dumb,
my thoughts are blind,
and my soul is deaf without sound or mind.
Oblivious to the world;  sorrowful words,
I bleed internally and it's how sorrow will hurt.
Regrets and remorse since the day of my birth,
and today I will never understand what my life is worth.
A paradox unfathomable; paradigms ever shifting and changing,
the world is always evolving and the flames are forever blazing.
Memories that we keep of old I try erasing,
but the pain is infinite and the torment enslaves me.
Many a time I see the shadow of a cloaked figure,
All black from head to toe and with boney fingers.
Claiming lives as it floats by; and with only one name it goes by,
Death is the one thing we fear most and the fear lingers.
Even my words cry from losing it's serenaded rhythm,
a heart that is trapped in a levitating prison.
There used to be a time when the stars would listen,
but now they too just stand by and merely glisten.
What did I envision from a world so dead with monotony,
leaders in wealth competing for the biggest monopoly.
I feel all this weight that burdens me on top of me,
and it's dividing like the masses and colonies.
Yet there remains no honesty and people find this a comedy,
no one abides by laws and policies and they let slip the economy.
And we've lost all modesty; it seems we're losing quality,
And for each and every soul life is an odyssey.
There is meaning in what I write and my prosody,
and I want the same quality in my future progeny.
It seems in todays world no soul can have a colloquy,
Nothing but chaos and havoc; this time is an atrocity.
I pray for serenity and for the peace of my mind,
for a better world in which I feel I can write.
I've lost my sight and I have become blind,
And I pray for a cure because no longer do I wish to cry