Friday, 14 November 2014

You Never Cared

I feel alone tonight remembering your promises,
the whispers of your lies escape from my orifices.
You told me you'd be there; you told me you cared,
realising it now you never really knew what being honest is.

I remember how we used to talk every day and every night,
And you used to comfort me and make it feel alright.
I had hope in you; I felt like I could trust you with my secrets,
but I never knew that you would poison me with your lies.

Sometimes I found comfort in remembering how it used to be,
those venomous words; you couldn't speak the truth to me.
You told me you'd always be there when I needed you,
yet I still felt alone and that's all you proved to me.

You were the only hope I had that would let me live,
I thought maybe I would actually find my eternal bliss.
Yet you broke me when I finally learnt the truth,
You never really cared; you don't know what a friend is.

I believed in your promises; the deceit that you fed me,
and today I regret and wish that you never met me.
Remorse fills my heart over a faux friendship you built,
And it'll fade away just like how you would forget me,

You never really cared; You never gave a damn,
you curiosity never really wanted to know I am.
You never wanted to be a friend; your intentions were fake,
and in the end you was nothing more than a fraud and a scam.

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