Friday, 14 November 2014

You Never Cared

I feel alone tonight remembering your promises,
the whispers of your lies escape from my orifices.
You told me you'd be there; you told me you cared,
realising it now you never really knew what being honest is.

I remember how we used to talk every day and every night,
And you used to comfort me and make it feel alright.
I had hope in you; I felt like I could trust you with my secrets,
but I never knew that you would poison me with your lies.

Sometimes I found comfort in remembering how it used to be,
those venomous words; you couldn't speak the truth to me.
You told me you'd always be there when I needed you,
yet I still felt alone and that's all you proved to me.

You were the only hope I had that would let me live,
I thought maybe I would actually find my eternal bliss.
Yet you broke me when I finally learnt the truth,
You never really cared; you don't know what a friend is.

I believed in your promises; the deceit that you fed me,
and today I regret and wish that you never met me.
Remorse fills my heart over a faux friendship you built,
And it'll fade away just like how you would forget me,

You never really cared; You never gave a damn,
you curiosity never really wanted to know I am.
You never wanted to be a friend; your intentions were fake,
and in the end you was nothing more than a fraud and a scam.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


I was always crowded with my insecurities,
I hated what I saw when I started at my reflection.
It was like the reality always had a complex of inferiority,
And I felt the lowest hating the mirrors deception.

A desire to be loved is normal; a desire to feel joy,
but it seems that all of my dreams will only be destroyed.
I can't find the screams in the depth of my voice,
drowning in misery because of the lack of choice.

I'm suffering from the cold breaths of death,
running down my spine in the form of a shiver.
Struggling thoughts at war in the battlefield of my head,
and the echoes of silence seem to linger.

Write something,
My passion has left me.

My world seems to be crashing down around me,
the shadows of the devil seemed to have found me.
Torturing my thoughts with rhetoric and doubt,
I'm oblivious to the realities; it's sights and sounds.

It's finished,
My rhythm diminished.
No more words,
It's left this world.

My life has gone,
I can't hear the songs.
My heart beats no more,
And I can't find an open door.

Let me be, set me free,
Let me see; let me breathe.
My soul is in chains,
And love runs through my veins.
can you hear the rain?
Love is pain.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Heal My Soul

My soul is in need of healing; bereft of emotion and feeling,
drowning in sorrow defeated; what is left is still bleeding.
Yet my heart is still beating; a life is what I needed,
I lived in a time when the stars were speaking.

I feel hollow like the interior of a dying tree,
what I used to be can never again set me free.
Ridden by despair and haunted by grief,
forever doubting in my heart that there will ever be peace.

Questions unanswered invade and shadow my dreams,
creeping upon me whilst I lay in my sleep.
Nothing ever is exactly how they should seem,
as I continue to drown in my misery so deep

Regrets and remorse taunt me like inner demons,
and they do not stray; I have not the strength to leave them.
The devil does not play; he captures the freeman,
yet we doubt all of it simply because we haven't seen them.

We allow pain to swallow us to it's very depths,
a darkness engulfing us to our very death.
We lose our identities to the thoughts that plague us,
and we fought life without a clue on what fate was.

When the past catches up; old melodies are played,
and then we remember the things that we forgot to say.
Torturing us through memories we want to erase,
And dying away like the corpses decay.