Tuesday, 14 October 2014

You're Just A Memory

Today is the first day that passed without thought of you,
no more remorse over the fact that I fought for you.
I can finally breathe without sighing your poisonous name,
and not recalling the days we spent together in the rain.

You're just a memory; clearly we never had a destiny,
You weren't meant for me; it just wasn't meant to be.
so just let me be; forget me and just let me breathe,
I'll remember you so stop talking and just remember me,

You're just a memory; let go and please just set me free,
verily it was love but not enough to be a story or a legacy.
We weren't Romeo and Juliet; a story endorsed by celebrities,
we were just a normal couple who had friends and enemies.

You're just a memory; and without you life has given me serenity,
through a burden free way of living; I possess no miseries. 
Did you believe in fate? That it was you that kept me be?
I refuse in controlling what is meant to be; so just let me be.

You're just a memory; give up and go your separate way,
it will never go back to the way it was like it was those days.
You're just a memory; stay out of my life and out of my mind,
I can see with my eyes now; in love I was blind.

You're just a memory; so stay as a memory,
let me forget peacefully that you weren't meant for me.
You're just a memory; you was never my destiny,
so let me be; because it was never meant to be

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  1. ''I can finally breathe without sighing your poisonous name,".....my best line