Friday, 24 October 2014

Please Listen

The misery of the dark shadows seem to plague me,
I'm living a life wherein it seems even my family hate me.
This vortex of emotions stirring seems so crazy lately,
It's like the devil on my left is working to break me,

No one wants to listen when I pour all of my heart out,
silent screams that can diminish the moon and the stars' sound,
I'm haunted internally by hell; taunted infernally from what my past tells,
A mind clouded by rhetorics and questions enforced with growing doubt.

No one can hear my screams so should I whisper?
it's cold where I am as if it's already winter.
I live in a place where even the echoes linger,
it's where my soul dwells; there used to be a flame,
now all that remains are it's ashes and cinders.

The night sky was my friend; it would listen,
I could share all my secrets and the stars would glisten.
I was free to breathe; I could find my inner peace,
now it seems that this pain will never cease.

No one wants to understand that even I will cry,
I don't write without reason; even I will gasp a sigh.
Yet I extrude no tears; It seems I'm diminished and dry,
and my reflection is wishing that the rest of me would  die.

My heart is broken and I was always left hoping,
And that hope relied on the cigarettes I was smoking.
I will never share my feelings again with anyone for as long as I live,
I learnt keeping your heart locked away is the only way to bliss.

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