Sunday, 19 October 2014

If My Heart Could Speak

I have never been so lost that I couldn't find my path,
I've misplaced my direction stuck in the past.
Questioning my character and all that I'm meant to be,
and how long this pain could possibly last.

My smiles have been taken from me; my heart in pieces,
my pen writing faded words; I no longer understand what peace is.
My dreams are now nightmares and my will has been defeated,
love is a beautiful lie and I was a fool who believed it.

My world has coming crashing down on everything I desired,
I've lost my passion in this life and It feels like I've retired.
Everything I dreamed of; Everything was just a fantasy,
nightmares become reality because I'm living in agony. 

If my heart could speak words it would surely bleed,
echoes of pain heard in every rhyme that it feels.
If my heart could speak words there would be no end,
an infinite story of sorrow without a moment or breath.

 I can't cry because It's dry and I don't trust my eyes,
till the skies I believed every single word that you lied.
I tried but I was infatuated and blind; I ignored doubts in my mind,
And gave you all that I was in heart and in sight.

I've lost my identity; I don't know who I'm meant to be,
you've taken it and destroyed what was my destiny.
You wasn't meant for me; more like an enemy,
yet I adored you like a fan with their beloved celebrities.

I'm on my knees and it's only God that can hear my pleas,
the world is deaf and unaware that sorrow can never cease.
A broken heart can never truly be healed; or revive the things that we feel,
and our identity is our soul; It chips away like the blood we lose when we bleed.

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