Friday, 31 October 2014

Fix My Broken Heart

My heart can't break anymore; the last piece has fallen,
No one can fix it now; my tears are falling.
A pain unbearable to any soul; silent screams,
No one can hear it or see the same violent dreams.

My cries are unheard; my sighs fade into words,
and slowly as I drift into my sorrows I question this world.
My heart is screaming yet no one seems to hear it,
and the darkness is approaching yet no one fears it.

Empty inside sapped of all joy; nothing is left,
it's like life has left; my mind and soul are dead.
I gasp for air as I lay in my bed; dying thoughts in my head,
could this possibly be the end?

I want to die; I want to cry,
I'm tired of the lies; I'm too tired to try.
I've suffered way too much to understand what's right,
I've become blind and surely lost sight.

I'm crying but it seems no ones there to catch my tears,
I'm losing my identity to the depths of my fears.
My dreams fade and my nightmares are becoming real,
Broken and no one will ever understand how I feel.

I feel numb in the shadows of the night that whisper,
A shudder runs down my spine like the frost of winter.
I'm broken and I reside in a place where silence lingers,
The flame has burn out and all that remains are cinders.

I'm forced to my knees; no one will hear my pleas,
stirred in emotional disaster; when will I find peace?
My hands up to pray; Dear God give me better days,
I can't bear it anymore; my heart has broken it's way. 

Fix my broken heart; I can't bear it anymore.
Fix my broken heart; I can't hear it anymore.

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