Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Enliven Me

There wasn't a day wherein I hadn't prayed,
Dear God put an eternal smile on this face.
A broken heart that seemed unable to repair,
after fighting a life of misery and infinite despair.

I woke up the following morning simply not knowing,
what was to occur; I simply let the day keep flowing.
An angel entered my life as bright as the sun at it's zenith,
with a heavenly aura and smile that seemed to never stop glowing.

When we started talking my heart was rejuvenated,
my eyes struck in awe; was I hallucinating?
Eyes like diamonds from the sands of a golden paradise,
I find myself smiling again after being so emotionally paralysed.

Colours were brought to my world again with her resplendent grace,
I simply have no words to describe her elegant and beautiful face.
The beats in my heart are as fast as they once were before terror fell,
now I feel a joy in my heart today as I have once never felt.

I never thought I'd find joy or a smile again in my life,
yet she arrived and became my guiding light.
A feeling unexplainable; indescribable; I can't find the words,
from a stranger on twitter; within a second my entire world.

A letter from happiness that has engulfed me once again,
thank you for removing all of my sorrows and darkened pain.
Oh radiant moon, your beauty knows no bounds or limits,
and my heart wishes that you come over and visit.

Today you come and enlivened everything that was once dead,
from my smile; my beating heart to my whispering breath.
Today I've smiled again after an eternity had passed,
you've enriched my present and now I'll forget my past.

I have no words to describe your beauty that captures me,
those hypnotic eyes cause my heart to jog and raptures me.
Your grace is praiseworthy amongst both worlds that exist,
but in this world it is only you that is my eternal bliss.

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