Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Echoes Of Silence

My hopeless sighs are fading into echoes of silence,
my thoughts die out like the lights that were once brightened.
My heart and mind struggling in a conflict of violence,
now my shadows haunt me; when before I would fight them.

Nobody can find me; I'm lost in eternal doubt,
A mystery forever a mystery when there is no sight or sound.
I'm residing in a place where I'm certain I can never be found,
slowly decaying and drifting away in the skies like the clouds.

My life has no purpose now there is no value; it is worthless,
remembering once when I had an idea on what the world was.
Sinking into the memories of the times when I could smile,
now it seems like everything out there just wants to hurt us.

I can't find my balance or where I'm supposed to be,
I find no comfort in family or those who are close to me.
My identity snatched away from my very being,
And destroyed are my dreams of everything I ever hoped to be.

If pain could be put into a string of words,
the dictionary itself would feel the way it hurts.
I've forgotten everything I value and my self worth,
and without doubt it is certain we live in a cruel world.

So why are my screams unheard by those who can hear,
why are people able to live their lives without restraint or fear?
I bleed from every orifice even from my very soul,
yet death is the very same thing that people revere.

A vortex of unknown disparity, no more clarity,
Unfolding into a void evolving into violence
We dream up fantasies; and ignore the realities,
And we listen to the echoes of silence.

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