Friday, 31 October 2014

Blind Man In Love

I would gladly give my life to see whom I hold dear,
l'd never thought I'd find love when it was my biggest fear.
I've always been blind since birth without sight in my eyes,
yet I'm infatuated by what you are and you stay in my mind.

I don't want to touch your face to understand your beauty,
Sometimes I'd rather keep the secret alive like the winds that hue me.
yet the other half of my soul remorses over my lack of vision,
but I am not in misery because at least the stars listen.

Many people say that I could not love because I cannot see,
yet I'm here helplessly in love with the woman that set me free.
People pity me and show sympathy to my lack of sight,
yet can't understand that even I cry at night.

I cry because I don't have what everybody else has,
I can't see my present, or my future nor remember my past.
Some say it is a defect; but sometimes it can be a gift,
because I can listen closely to the ambience that finds my bliss.

It is not beauty that has me love struck and makes my heart beat,
It is the affection she gave me since the day she met me.
I can hear the stars speak; and she has become a part of me,
and with her love she envelops me and infects me.

I hope maybe you will realise no sight isn't just a defect,
It is a door with possibilities and today I have no regrets.
I found love without sight; this mean love needs no eyes,
It is a bond of the hearts; love is not at first sight

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