Thursday, 23 October 2014

A Stranger's Sonnet

Your eyes grace the stars with humility in awe,
a glimmer and sparkle; such as never seen before.
Your eyes like diamonds from heaven in the skies that soar,
A majestic magnificence that defies the earth's laws.

If the moon in full radiance could prostrate to you,
If the sun could sing songs of this glorious truth,
If the heavens would split asunder for losing you,
the melodies on the harps of angels will forever play their tunes.

I speak little but envision greatly in words that I write,
recording the rhythms in a heartbeat in first sight and in first light.
My pen runs only on the inspiration it can use as ink,
and with you I can keep writing without a moment to think.

You transcended spontaneously; I was taken back infamously,
Never have I ever set eyes upon a poet who extruded so radiantly.
Though we've only just met; I say words I never regret,
and in the essence of honesty I'm glad that we met.

Not many people can speak the language of the heart,
yet you speak it fluently as if amongst the very stars.
You conjure up some of the most magical verses,
And you understand perfectly exactly what this world is.

Salute, you humble me with your gift.
And with those talents I hope to share in your bliss.
I stay humble ever searching for evanesence and peace,
and in poetry I find I can always smile with ease.

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