Friday, 31 October 2014

Fix My Broken Heart

My heart can't break anymore; the last piece has fallen,
No one can fix it now; my tears are falling.
A pain unbearable to any soul; silent screams,
No one can hear it or see the same violent dreams.

My cries are unheard; my sighs fade into words,
and slowly as I drift into my sorrows I question this world.
My heart is screaming yet no one seems to hear it,
and the darkness is approaching yet no one fears it.

Empty inside sapped of all joy; nothing is left,
it's like life has left; my mind and soul are dead.
I gasp for air as I lay in my bed; dying thoughts in my head,
could this possibly be the end?

I want to die; I want to cry,
I'm tired of the lies; I'm too tired to try.
I've suffered way too much to understand what's right,
I've become blind and surely lost sight.

I'm crying but it seems no ones there to catch my tears,
I'm losing my identity to the depths of my fears.
My dreams fade and my nightmares are becoming real,
Broken and no one will ever understand how I feel.

I feel numb in the shadows of the night that whisper,
A shudder runs down my spine like the frost of winter.
I'm broken and I reside in a place where silence lingers,
The flame has burn out and all that remains are cinders.

I'm forced to my knees; no one will hear my pleas,
stirred in emotional disaster; when will I find peace?
My hands up to pray; Dear God give me better days,
I can't bear it anymore; my heart has broken it's way. 

Fix my broken heart; I can't bear it anymore.
Fix my broken heart; I can't hear it anymore.

Blind Man In Love

I would gladly give my life to see whom I hold dear,
l'd never thought I'd find love when it was my biggest fear.
I've always been blind since birth without sight in my eyes,
yet I'm infatuated by what you are and you stay in my mind.

I don't want to touch your face to understand your beauty,
Sometimes I'd rather keep the secret alive like the winds that hue me.
yet the other half of my soul remorses over my lack of vision,
but I am not in misery because at least the stars listen.

Many people say that I could not love because I cannot see,
yet I'm here helplessly in love with the woman that set me free.
People pity me and show sympathy to my lack of sight,
yet can't understand that even I cry at night.

I cry because I don't have what everybody else has,
I can't see my present, or my future nor remember my past.
Some say it is a defect; but sometimes it can be a gift,
because I can listen closely to the ambience that finds my bliss.

It is not beauty that has me love struck and makes my heart beat,
It is the affection she gave me since the day she met me.
I can hear the stars speak; and she has become a part of me,
and with her love she envelops me and infects me.

I hope maybe you will realise no sight isn't just a defect,
It is a door with possibilities and today I have no regrets.
I found love without sight; this mean love needs no eyes,
It is a bond of the hearts; love is not at first sight

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Echoes Of Silence

My hopeless sighs are fading into echoes of silence,
my thoughts die out like the lights that were once brightened.
My heart and mind struggling in a conflict of violence,
now my shadows haunt me; when before I would fight them.

Nobody can find me; I'm lost in eternal doubt,
A mystery forever a mystery when there is no sight or sound.
I'm residing in a place where I'm certain I can never be found,
slowly decaying and drifting away in the skies like the clouds.

My life has no purpose now there is no value; it is worthless,
remembering once when I had an idea on what the world was.
Sinking into the memories of the times when I could smile,
now it seems like everything out there just wants to hurt us.

I can't find my balance or where I'm supposed to be,
I find no comfort in family or those who are close to me.
My identity snatched away from my very being,
And destroyed are my dreams of everything I ever hoped to be.

If pain could be put into a string of words,
the dictionary itself would feel the way it hurts.
I've forgotten everything I value and my self worth,
and without doubt it is certain we live in a cruel world.

So why are my screams unheard by those who can hear,
why are people able to live their lives without restraint or fear?
I bleed from every orifice even from my very soul,
yet death is the very same thing that people revere.

A vortex of unknown disparity, no more clarity,
Unfolding into a void evolving into violence
We dream up fantasies; and ignore the realities,
And we listen to the echoes of silence.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Please Listen

The misery of the dark shadows seem to plague me,
I'm living a life wherein it seems even my family hate me.
This vortex of emotions stirring seems so crazy lately,
It's like the devil on my left is working to break me,

No one wants to listen when I pour all of my heart out,
silent screams that can diminish the moon and the stars' sound,
I'm haunted internally by hell; taunted infernally from what my past tells,
A mind clouded by rhetorics and questions enforced with growing doubt.

No one can hear my screams so should I whisper?
it's cold where I am as if it's already winter.
I live in a place where even the echoes linger,
it's where my soul dwells; there used to be a flame,
now all that remains are it's ashes and cinders.

The night sky was my friend; it would listen,
I could share all my secrets and the stars would glisten.
I was free to breathe; I could find my inner peace,
now it seems that this pain will never cease.

No one wants to understand that even I will cry,
I don't write without reason; even I will gasp a sigh.
Yet I extrude no tears; It seems I'm diminished and dry,
and my reflection is wishing that the rest of me would  die.

My heart is broken and I was always left hoping,
And that hope relied on the cigarettes I was smoking.
I will never share my feelings again with anyone for as long as I live,
I learnt keeping your heart locked away is the only way to bliss.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

A Stranger's Sonnet

Your eyes grace the stars with humility in awe,
a glimmer and sparkle; such as never seen before.
Your eyes like diamonds from heaven in the skies that soar,
A majestic magnificence that defies the earth's laws.

If the moon in full radiance could prostrate to you,
If the sun could sing songs of this glorious truth,
If the heavens would split asunder for losing you,
the melodies on the harps of angels will forever play their tunes.

I speak little but envision greatly in words that I write,
recording the rhythms in a heartbeat in first sight and in first light.
My pen runs only on the inspiration it can use as ink,
and with you I can keep writing without a moment to think.

You transcended spontaneously; I was taken back infamously,
Never have I ever set eyes upon a poet who extruded so radiantly.
Though we've only just met; I say words I never regret,
and in the essence of honesty I'm glad that we met.

Not many people can speak the language of the heart,
yet you speak it fluently as if amongst the very stars.
You conjure up some of the most magical verses,
And you understand perfectly exactly what this world is.

Salute, you humble me with your gift.
And with those talents I hope to share in your bliss.
I stay humble ever searching for evanesence and peace,
and in poetry I find I can always smile with ease.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

If My Heart Could Speak

I have never been so lost that I couldn't find my path,
I've misplaced my direction stuck in the past.
Questioning my character and all that I'm meant to be,
and how long this pain could possibly last.

My smiles have been taken from me; my heart in pieces,
my pen writing faded words; I no longer understand what peace is.
My dreams are now nightmares and my will has been defeated,
love is a beautiful lie and I was a fool who believed it.

My world has coming crashing down on everything I desired,
I've lost my passion in this life and It feels like I've retired.
Everything I dreamed of; Everything was just a fantasy,
nightmares become reality because I'm living in agony. 

If my heart could speak words it would surely bleed,
echoes of pain heard in every rhyme that it feels.
If my heart could speak words there would be no end,
an infinite story of sorrow without a moment or breath.

 I can't cry because It's dry and I don't trust my eyes,
till the skies I believed every single word that you lied.
I tried but I was infatuated and blind; I ignored doubts in my mind,
And gave you all that I was in heart and in sight.

I've lost my identity; I don't know who I'm meant to be,
you've taken it and destroyed what was my destiny.
You wasn't meant for me; more like an enemy,
yet I adored you like a fan with their beloved celebrities.

I'm on my knees and it's only God that can hear my pleas,
the world is deaf and unaware that sorrow can never cease.
A broken heart can never truly be healed; or revive the things that we feel,
and our identity is our soul; It chips away like the blood we lose when we bleed.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

You're Just A Memory

Today is the first day that passed without thought of you,
no more remorse over the fact that I fought for you.
I can finally breathe without sighing your poisonous name,
and not recalling the days we spent together in the rain.

You're just a memory; clearly we never had a destiny,
You weren't meant for me; it just wasn't meant to be.
so just let me be; forget me and just let me breathe,
I'll remember you so stop talking and just remember me,

You're just a memory; let go and please just set me free,
verily it was love but not enough to be a story or a legacy.
We weren't Romeo and Juliet; a story endorsed by celebrities,
we were just a normal couple who had friends and enemies.

You're just a memory; and without you life has given me serenity,
through a burden free way of living; I possess no miseries. 
Did you believe in fate? That it was you that kept me be?
I refuse in controlling what is meant to be; so just let me be.

You're just a memory; give up and go your separate way,
it will never go back to the way it was like it was those days.
You're just a memory; stay out of my life and out of my mind,
I can see with my eyes now; in love I was blind.

You're just a memory; so stay as a memory,
let me forget peacefully that you weren't meant for me.
You're just a memory; you was never my destiny,
so let me be; because it was never meant to be

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Enliven Me

There wasn't a day wherein I hadn't prayed,
Dear God put an eternal smile on this face.
A broken heart that seemed unable to repair,
after fighting a life of misery and infinite despair.

I woke up the following morning simply not knowing,
what was to occur; I simply let the day keep flowing.
An angel entered my life as bright as the sun at it's zenith,
with a heavenly aura and smile that seemed to never stop glowing.

When we started talking my heart was rejuvenated,
my eyes struck in awe; was I hallucinating?
Eyes like diamonds from the sands of a golden paradise,
I find myself smiling again after being so emotionally paralysed.

Colours were brought to my world again with her resplendent grace,
I simply have no words to describe her elegant and beautiful face.
The beats in my heart are as fast as they once were before terror fell,
now I feel a joy in my heart today as I have once never felt.

I never thought I'd find joy or a smile again in my life,
yet she arrived and became my guiding light.
A feeling unexplainable; indescribable; I can't find the words,
from a stranger on twitter; within a second my entire world.

A letter from happiness that has engulfed me once again,
thank you for removing all of my sorrows and darkened pain.
Oh radiant moon, your beauty knows no bounds or limits,
and my heart wishes that you come over and visit.

Today you come and enlivened everything that was once dead,
from my smile; my beating heart to my whispering breath.
Today I've smiled again after an eternity had passed,
you've enriched my present and now I'll forget my past.

I have no words to describe your beauty that captures me,
those hypnotic eyes cause my heart to jog and raptures me.
Your grace is praiseworthy amongst both worlds that exist,
but in this world it is only you that is my eternal bliss.