Monday, 22 September 2014

Whispering Heartbeats

In the cold dark silence I seem to hear something faint,
even with the winds cries and pelting of the swift rain.
I seem to be able to hear it wherever I am; wherever I go,
like a voice inside my head that tells me yes or no.

My every thought seems to be communicating with me,
and those heartbeats grow stronger and seem to lift me.
It seems my heart is whispering secrets my mind rejects,
a melody of love composing  but for my mind it is a defect.

If i let loose my pen to record these hollowed words,
would I still live to be able to see tomorrow's world?
Were I to spill out the contents of my aching heart,
would you be able to comprehend the whispers of the stars?

These throbs that I feel; it was just heartbeats whispering,
a rhythm of the soul; a composition of love lingering.
These thoughts that pass through the valleys of my mind,
doubts that cloud my emotions and force my eyes blind.

Spasms in my arteries when thoughts of her invade,
her beauty painted in the gallery of my heart incased. 
My soul shivers to the rhythm playing; the silent song,
and I hear my heartbeats whisper that love can never be wrong.

The world is just a prison to those who never listen,
greedily living to their own rules casting aside visions. 
Love rules those who have a heart; those who learned to feel,
and slowly through infatuation it will overwhelm everything that is real.

And you will hear the whispers of your heartbeats...

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