Thursday, 11 September 2014

Things I Love About You

The first is the grace of your melodious voice,
a rhythm majestic which made you my choice.
Second is the paralysis of your eyes that captivates me,
and it is without doubt that it can be said I'm infatuated.

The third is how I feel when I'm around you,
I know now that I can never live without you.
The fourth is how you seem to love me so much,
and the bliss I feel at the grace of your touch.

The fifth is the pure simplicity of the love we have,
An eternal romance that will forever last.
The next five are the same as the first five,
my words repeat the harmony that keeps me alive.

Your name is my heart beat; a light when the stars speak,
and you can see everything that my heart has seen.
Your touch eases me; your voice pleases me,
Your laughter teases me and your love is peace in me.

When you are absent my heart is cursing hell,
and my desires must find from which part of heaven you fell.
Your love is my addiction; the habits that I cherish,
And I shall love you now and even after I perish

For ultimately romeo and juliet are the lovers of old,
today it is us; you and me entering love's fold.
I love you and you love me; that will never change,
And forever shall be lit the eternal burning flame.

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