Monday, 1 September 2014

The Way You Make Me Feel

Hidden in my heart are the secrets I dare not tell,
Hidden in the stars are the feelings I've always held.
Love at first sight is the most truest experience felt,
and the story I could narrate would have no end.

My every heart beat would always whisper your name,
and I could always see your eyes in the flames.
I would feel alive whenever I stood under the rain,
because you were on my mind and i could feel no pain.

I smile because you had become my reason to,
And the light in my life changes like the seasons do.
I question my emotions and ask if you're feeling it too,
this infinite stream of affection is why I'm breathing too.

I hear the angel's play harps when I hear your voice,
and Love had found me; It wasn't my choice.
The heavens descended when I stumbled upon you,
and I finally learnt the real definition of truth.

The melodies that I keep in my mind like an mp3 library,
And play them at choosing and repeat my primary.
An infinite reflection of the sun's majesty in your eyes,
if Love was a substance I'd own the refinery.

I wake up with you forever on my mind,
and love has shrouded my eyes; from the world I'm blind.
My heart forever desires to keep you in my sight,
and missing you whilst I lay in my bed at night.

As my pen continues to write; it's ink is feeding off affection,
and the way you make me feel moves like an advection.
In my dreams; it's certainly you who's my inception,
and if love was a disease you'd be my infection.

My word cannot end were I to forever record my feelings,
because it is you who gives my life a whole new meaning.
It's you that keep's me going; keeps me breathing,
And make me feel all the good things I believe in.

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