Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Fate Of Love

I shall narrate to thee a story of immense love and trial,
of two lovers who from each other lived apart many miles.
A tale of tragedy; a tale of sorrow and great weight,
on the heart; on the mind; a very confused fate.
There was once a boy and girl who loved at first sight,
and would message each other good morning at first light.
They attended school and college together so they wouldn't part,
and even took the same jobs; they promised each other's hearts.

A time came when they decided to move in and live together,
as they were sure that it was impossible for them to love another.
Through the many years they shared joy and comfort of bliss,
 A heavenly aura embraced them whenever they kissed.
Days would pass but nothing changed of their affections,
And the boy would compliment her whenever she stared at reflections.
A day had come when they once contemplated living eternally,
A commitment of marriage; they promised to love each other for eternity.

So she asked him to go out and look for an engagement ring,
while she looked up dresses to wear on a special day.
When he went out she put pen to paper and started writing things,
then she put the note on the bed and left; and went away.
The boy returned several hours later holding a black box,
and called for her not realising that she had gone.
He went up to their room; an empty room and a envelope opened,
and when he picked the note up his heart had broken.

He dropped everything immediately and ran as fast as he could go,
he jumped in his car and drove as fast as his car would go.
He reached the hospital and immediately asked the nurse,
She apologised and then he feared for the worst.
He ran around; tears flowing asking doctors if they knew her,
and thoughts filled his mind of him and her planning a future.
Crying and wailing loudly and screaming her name,
The pain was unbearable; he could hear the pelting of the rain.

Someone came and took him to where she lay,
and immediately he lost all the words he could ever say.
There she lay; lifeless; pale and her heart beat no longer heard,
And he was broken; he had just lost his entire world.
There was another note clenched in her pale hands,
so he took it from her corpse failing to understand.

He look down at the note with falling tears and it read,
I'm sorry I couldn't beat it;  I'm losing my breath,
and when you find me I'll already be dead.
I love you forever in this world and in the next,
wherever my destination; whether heaven or hell.
I hope it's heaven so I can find you in the clouds,
You were the one man who removed all my doubts,
So please remember my heart is still yours,
and never forget me; forever and truly yours.

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