Thursday, 18 September 2014

Love And Hate

I'm struggling;I'm fumbling; my heart is torn in two,
And my mind is confused and afraid of the truth.
I don't know what to believe anymore; I'm lost,
It seems everything that we once had is now gone.

Yet I know that I will never let go of what we have,
even if what he had has slipped into the past.
You're pushing me away with your lies and deceit,
And for some reason I'd still rather hold belief.

Maybe it's because I love you more than I hate you,
And my love has always been the one to elevate you.
I revered you more than my own life and joy,
And gave you all that I was; all that's expected from a boy.

We took this journey together with our hands in hands,
Fingers in each other's empty spaces; you made me a man.
We grew up together and nurtured the love we that cherished,
and now it seems that magic we once had has now perished.

You lied and you deceived me; yet to me I pulled you close to
I could see it in your eyes; you cheated but I still wanted to hold you.
Today I stand; my heart completely confused,
Whether I hate you or I love you; I'm far from the truth.

I don't want to see you but I don't want you to leave,
and It pains me to say that you were once my joy and peace.
Why is it you defaulted on your oaths and promises,
because I thought I had fallen in love with your honesty.

Why am I stuck on a thin line between love and hate,
Why am I stuck on choosing my own fate?

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