Tuesday, 9 September 2014


The clouds were dark and storms were brewing,
life was coming to an end; I just knew it.
The pelting of the rain was harder than hail,
and it seemed in my endeavours I would always fail.

Everyday without fail I would stare at my reflection,
the mirror that painted me in reverse with obvious deception.
The same person I was; the person that I lost,
my identity; who I'm meant to be; everything I forgot.

My depression pushed me into a hole so deep and far,
like nightmares never end when I sleep in the dark.
And I was reduced to nothing dwelling in my pain,
to a point where even I had forgotten my name.

My eyes open now; and suddenly a clear blue sky,
was I suffering from nothing more than a lie?
The sun gleaming high and bright; the morning light,
is this a second chance or have I just opened my eyes?

I was trapped in my mind's prison and my heart wouldn't visit me,
but today it's my smiles and blessings that are lifting me.
The world will forever remain; like the depth of infinity,
and I find relief from my weakened shadows instantly

The darkness is dying; and with hope I find myself smiling,
Leaving the past behind me; a new era and no more crying.
Today is a new day and a new chance,
And surely this time I will make the truth last

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