Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Deadly Bliss

Love will always be a war of the heart and mind,
doubtful choices forced when the heart is blind.
Love will always be a fantasy; a blissful lie,
A venom that can devour at the very first sight.

This poison does not kill but disintegrates souls,
and those claimed by love will forever be kept in it's hold.
A weapon of cupid; or the devil in diapers,
A poison deadlier than the venom of  vipers

Love is a lie yet truth to those who have fallen in,
and a desire growing for those calling it.
A veil that shrouds the heart from reality,
spreading through veins and arteries; a mendicious fantasy.

Love is a placebo; an excuse for poor choices,
and it is claimed they hear the hearts voices.
Yet a state of happiness and an eternal joy,
A medicine for the lonely and those who remained void.

Love is neither good or bad; nor heaven or hell,
love is only what we make it from the stories we tell.
People find bliss in love but some end up broken,
and the breaking of hearts are seen as omens.

Love is more than what hearts can bare,
because in war neither side is ever fair.
I pray you find happiness should you seek it,
keep an open mind and believe in your feelings.

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