Saturday, 6 September 2014

A Heart That...

A heart that cries; A heart that screams,
A heart that smiles; A heart that speaks.
A heart that tries; A heart that beats.
A heart that fights; A heart that dreams.
A heart that flys; A heart that sleeps,
A heart that lies; A heart that sees.
A heart that dies; A heart that weeps.

Hearts live the way we do but we just don't realise,
That our soul isn't our minds; we have real eyes.
And we begin to finally understand we will see the real lies,
From the depths of the troubles we see we feel heights,
But we try our best to avoid darkness because we fear nights,
And we fear lies and we even avoid sights when we fear eyes.
Questioning life like the authenticity of the fear files

Wouldn't life be simply perfect if we could soar through it,
Riding with the winds and the rays of warmth ever so soothing.
Were we as strong as the canadian red oaks; sturdy and rooted,
Life would not be our biggest complaint if we flew it.

Forget your minds some had said; the heart speaks,
Forget the light cause the sun is dead; the stars dream.
Eternal peace with the winds when the dark sleeps,
And revived again with a new life and hearts peace.

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  1. Love this, you have an amazing gift with words. Please check out my recent blog post.