Monday, 1 September 2014

A Dream We All See

Days pass us by anonymous to the eye,
clouds drifting in the skies; an eerie silence at night.
A second thought does not seem to reach our minds,
or are our eyes shrouded by fantasies; have we become blind?

The seasons change in the speed of a moment,
superstitions are widespread for those in need of an omen.
Standing up again are the hearts that were once broken,
opposing the purge of the darkness ever so loathsome.

With utter despair we wail and we scream with fear,
and in misery nothing can stop the flowing of tears.
And against the worlds pressure secrets are revealed,
that the legacies are false; legacies that were once revered.

Dreams are fading into nothing; hope is vanishing,
the pain filled screams of children that the oppressors are ravaging.
The world is changing and not for the best,
evident signs for the new world order they're establishing.

Life is too short to live each day filled with regret,
and it's these doubtful rhetorics in my mind they beset.
Forgive and forget should be our new policy,
and slowly the world shall fill up with love and respect.

From the monday mornings:the days that we hate,
challenged by obstacles forever testing our fate.
To the friday evenings; the weekends that we enjoy,
and forget about everything thats happened till date.

Indulging in benevolence is a dream that we all see,
smiling with harmony when we lay down to sleep.
Our hearts tell us who we are and who we should be,
and our minds lead us to the place we all meet. 

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