Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A Father's Tears

My happiness is soaring and reaching eternal joy,
because the heavens have blessed me with a little boy.
The stars are singing of his day of birth,
and the winds whispered when he entered this world.

My son; my little baby taking his first breath of life,
my treasure; the apple to my glimmering eyes.
My dreams of being a father have today been granted,
and the odes bless my son; the ones the angels have chanted.

I could never be happier in my life for days to come,
alas I can finally say I have someone after me; my son.
Who will take after me; take example from what I teach him,
and he will become a figure whom everyone shall believe in

But the sun is dying and the winds lose their voice,
and the day grows cold while the magic is destroyed.
Why is it that I can no longer hear him breathing?
And why is it that his heart is no longer beating?

Who is that at the doorway; a crooked cloaked figure,
and he'a pointing towards me with a bone for a finger.
"Your son will not live for I have taken him,
And henceforth you shall always regret making him"

Suddenly the world has frozen around me,
my ear's reject all sound; my mind denies all doubts that found me.
My heart crumbling away; the darkness enveloping the day,
because I can no longer hear my son's wails.

He's dead. He's been taken away from my hands
and I don't want to believe; he never had a chance.
My heart is screaming the pain I dare not let loose,
For hell shall die of its reputation because of this truth.

Death will show no mercy even to the toddlers just born,
Like the lightning amidst the evilest of storms.
My tears flow like the mountain streams to rivers,
this pain is so unbearable; my joy has been hindered.
It's colder in this room; colder than the winter that lingers,
I just want to be burnt alive in the flames and the cinders.

Today my life no longer has a meaning,
and these questions; who were they deceiving?
The one who was preaching or the one who was believing,
in the end we will all be bleeding in our feelings.

My purpose has been taken away; my pride destroyed,
My joy has been sapped by the darkness without choice.
My tears are dry; no water remains inside for me to cry,
I bleed through my orifices asking God to let me die.
For there is no tomorrow that I ever wish to see,
and forever in misery I shall be as long as I am me.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Whispering Heartbeats

In the cold dark silence I seem to hear something faint,
even with the winds cries and pelting of the swift rain.
I seem to be able to hear it wherever I am; wherever I go,
like a voice inside my head that tells me yes or no.

My every thought seems to be communicating with me,
and those heartbeats grow stronger and seem to lift me.
It seems my heart is whispering secrets my mind rejects,
a melody of love composing  but for my mind it is a defect.

If i let loose my pen to record these hollowed words,
would I still live to be able to see tomorrow's world?
Were I to spill out the contents of my aching heart,
would you be able to comprehend the whispers of the stars?

These throbs that I feel; it was just heartbeats whispering,
a rhythm of the soul; a composition of love lingering.
These thoughts that pass through the valleys of my mind,
doubts that cloud my emotions and force my eyes blind.

Spasms in my arteries when thoughts of her invade,
her beauty painted in the gallery of my heart incased. 
My soul shivers to the rhythm playing; the silent song,
and I hear my heartbeats whisper that love can never be wrong.

The world is just a prison to those who never listen,
greedily living to their own rules casting aside visions. 
Love rules those who have a heart; those who learned to feel,
and slowly through infatuation it will overwhelm everything that is real.

And you will hear the whispers of your heartbeats...

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Love And Hate

I'm struggling;I'm fumbling; my heart is torn in two,
And my mind is confused and afraid of the truth.
I don't know what to believe anymore; I'm lost,
It seems everything that we once had is now gone.

Yet I know that I will never let go of what we have,
even if what he had has slipped into the past.
You're pushing me away with your lies and deceit,
And for some reason I'd still rather hold belief.

Maybe it's because I love you more than I hate you,
And my love has always been the one to elevate you.
I revered you more than my own life and joy,
And gave you all that I was; all that's expected from a boy.

We took this journey together with our hands in hands,
Fingers in each other's empty spaces; you made me a man.
We grew up together and nurtured the love we that cherished,
and now it seems that magic we once had has now perished.

You lied and you deceived me; yet to me I pulled you close to
I could see it in your eyes; you cheated but I still wanted to hold you.
Today I stand; my heart completely confused,
Whether I hate you or I love you; I'm far from the truth.

I don't want to see you but I don't want you to leave,
and It pains me to say that you were once my joy and peace.
Why is it you defaulted on your oaths and promises,
because I thought I had fallen in love with your honesty.

Why am I stuck on a thin line between love and hate,
Why am I stuck on choosing my own fate?

Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Fate Of Love

I shall narrate to thee a story of immense love and trial,
of two lovers who from each other lived apart many miles.
A tale of tragedy; a tale of sorrow and great weight,
on the heart; on the mind; a very confused fate.
There was once a boy and girl who loved at first sight,
and would message each other good morning at first light.
They attended school and college together so they wouldn't part,
and even took the same jobs; they promised each other's hearts.

A time came when they decided to move in and live together,
as they were sure that it was impossible for them to love another.
Through the many years they shared joy and comfort of bliss,
 A heavenly aura embraced them whenever they kissed.
Days would pass but nothing changed of their affections,
And the boy would compliment her whenever she stared at reflections.
A day had come when they once contemplated living eternally,
A commitment of marriage; they promised to love each other for eternity.

So she asked him to go out and look for an engagement ring,
while she looked up dresses to wear on a special day.
When he went out she put pen to paper and started writing things,
then she put the note on the bed and left; and went away.
The boy returned several hours later holding a black box,
and called for her not realising that she had gone.
He went up to their room; an empty room and a envelope opened,
and when he picked the note up his heart had broken.

He dropped everything immediately and ran as fast as he could go,
he jumped in his car and drove as fast as his car would go.
He reached the hospital and immediately asked the nurse,
She apologised and then he feared for the worst.
He ran around; tears flowing asking doctors if they knew her,
and thoughts filled his mind of him and her planning a future.
Crying and wailing loudly and screaming her name,
The pain was unbearable; he could hear the pelting of the rain.

Someone came and took him to where she lay,
and immediately he lost all the words he could ever say.
There she lay; lifeless; pale and her heart beat no longer heard,
And he was broken; he had just lost his entire world.
There was another note clenched in her pale hands,
so he took it from her corpse failing to understand.

He look down at the note with falling tears and it read,
I'm sorry I couldn't beat it;  I'm losing my breath,
and when you find me I'll already be dead.
I love you forever in this world and in the next,
wherever my destination; whether heaven or hell.
I hope it's heaven so I can find you in the clouds,
You were the one man who removed all my doubts,
So please remember my heart is still yours,
and never forget me; forever and truly yours.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Things I Love About You

The first is the grace of your melodious voice,
a rhythm majestic which made you my choice.
Second is the paralysis of your eyes that captivates me,
and it is without doubt that it can be said I'm infatuated.

The third is how I feel when I'm around you,
I know now that I can never live without you.
The fourth is how you seem to love me so much,
and the bliss I feel at the grace of your touch.

The fifth is the pure simplicity of the love we have,
An eternal romance that will forever last.
The next five are the same as the first five,
my words repeat the harmony that keeps me alive.

Your name is my heart beat; a light when the stars speak,
and you can see everything that my heart has seen.
Your touch eases me; your voice pleases me,
Your laughter teases me and your love is peace in me.

When you are absent my heart is cursing hell,
and my desires must find from which part of heaven you fell.
Your love is my addiction; the habits that I cherish,
And I shall love you now and even after I perish

For ultimately romeo and juliet are the lovers of old,
today it is us; you and me entering love's fold.
I love you and you love me; that will never change,
And forever shall be lit the eternal burning flame.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Deadly Bliss

Love will always be a war of the heart and mind,
doubtful choices forced when the heart is blind.
Love will always be a fantasy; a blissful lie,
A venom that can devour at the very first sight.

This poison does not kill but disintegrates souls,
and those claimed by love will forever be kept in it's hold.
A weapon of cupid; or the devil in diapers,
A poison deadlier than the venom of  vipers

Love is a lie yet truth to those who have fallen in,
and a desire growing for those calling it.
A veil that shrouds the heart from reality,
spreading through veins and arteries; a mendicious fantasy.

Love is a placebo; an excuse for poor choices,
and it is claimed they hear the hearts voices.
Yet a state of happiness and an eternal joy,
A medicine for the lonely and those who remained void.

Love is neither good or bad; nor heaven or hell,
love is only what we make it from the stories we tell.
People find bliss in love but some end up broken,
and the breaking of hearts are seen as omens.

Love is more than what hearts can bare,
because in war neither side is ever fair.
I pray you find happiness should you seek it,
keep an open mind and believe in your feelings.


The clouds were dark and storms were brewing,
life was coming to an end; I just knew it.
The pelting of the rain was harder than hail,
and it seemed in my endeavours I would always fail.

Everyday without fail I would stare at my reflection,
the mirror that painted me in reverse with obvious deception.
The same person I was; the person that I lost,
my identity; who I'm meant to be; everything I forgot.

My depression pushed me into a hole so deep and far,
like nightmares never end when I sleep in the dark.
And I was reduced to nothing dwelling in my pain,
to a point where even I had forgotten my name.

My eyes open now; and suddenly a clear blue sky,
was I suffering from nothing more than a lie?
The sun gleaming high and bright; the morning light,
is this a second chance or have I just opened my eyes?

I was trapped in my mind's prison and my heart wouldn't visit me,
but today it's my smiles and blessings that are lifting me.
The world will forever remain; like the depth of infinity,
and I find relief from my weakened shadows instantly

The darkness is dying; and with hope I find myself smiling,
Leaving the past behind me; a new era and no more crying.
Today is a new day and a new chance,
And surely this time I will make the truth last

Saturday, 6 September 2014

A Heart That...

A heart that cries; A heart that screams,
A heart that smiles; A heart that speaks.
A heart that tries; A heart that beats.
A heart that fights; A heart that dreams.
A heart that flys; A heart that sleeps,
A heart that lies; A heart that sees.
A heart that dies; A heart that weeps.

Hearts live the way we do but we just don't realise,
That our soul isn't our minds; we have real eyes.
And we begin to finally understand we will see the real lies,
From the depths of the troubles we see we feel heights,
But we try our best to avoid darkness because we fear nights,
And we fear lies and we even avoid sights when we fear eyes.
Questioning life like the authenticity of the fear files

Wouldn't life be simply perfect if we could soar through it,
Riding with the winds and the rays of warmth ever so soothing.
Were we as strong as the canadian red oaks; sturdy and rooted,
Life would not be our biggest complaint if we flew it.

Forget your minds some had said; the heart speaks,
Forget the light cause the sun is dead; the stars dream.
Eternal peace with the winds when the dark sleeps,
And revived again with a new life and hearts peace.

Monday, 1 September 2014

The Way You Make Me Feel

Hidden in my heart are the secrets I dare not tell,
Hidden in the stars are the feelings I've always held.
Love at first sight is the most truest experience felt,
and the story I could narrate would have no end.

My every heart beat would always whisper your name,
and I could always see your eyes in the flames.
I would feel alive whenever I stood under the rain,
because you were on my mind and i could feel no pain.

I smile because you had become my reason to,
And the light in my life changes like the seasons do.
I question my emotions and ask if you're feeling it too,
this infinite stream of affection is why I'm breathing too.

I hear the angel's play harps when I hear your voice,
and Love had found me; It wasn't my choice.
The heavens descended when I stumbled upon you,
and I finally learnt the real definition of truth.

The melodies that I keep in my mind like an mp3 library,
And play them at choosing and repeat my primary.
An infinite reflection of the sun's majesty in your eyes,
if Love was a substance I'd own the refinery.

I wake up with you forever on my mind,
and love has shrouded my eyes; from the world I'm blind.
My heart forever desires to keep you in my sight,
and missing you whilst I lay in my bed at night.

As my pen continues to write; it's ink is feeding off affection,
and the way you make me feel moves like an advection.
In my dreams; it's certainly you who's my inception,
and if love was a disease you'd be my infection.

My word cannot end were I to forever record my feelings,
because it is you who gives my life a whole new meaning.
It's you that keep's me going; keeps me breathing,
And make me feel all the good things I believe in.

A Dream We All See

Days pass us by anonymous to the eye,
clouds drifting in the skies; an eerie silence at night.
A second thought does not seem to reach our minds,
or are our eyes shrouded by fantasies; have we become blind?

The seasons change in the speed of a moment,
superstitions are widespread for those in need of an omen.
Standing up again are the hearts that were once broken,
opposing the purge of the darkness ever so loathsome.

With utter despair we wail and we scream with fear,
and in misery nothing can stop the flowing of tears.
And against the worlds pressure secrets are revealed,
that the legacies are false; legacies that were once revered.

Dreams are fading into nothing; hope is vanishing,
the pain filled screams of children that the oppressors are ravaging.
The world is changing and not for the best,
evident signs for the new world order they're establishing.

Life is too short to live each day filled with regret,
and it's these doubtful rhetorics in my mind they beset.
Forgive and forget should be our new policy,
and slowly the world shall fill up with love and respect.

From the monday mornings:the days that we hate,
challenged by obstacles forever testing our fate.
To the friday evenings; the weekends that we enjoy,
and forget about everything thats happened till date.

Indulging in benevolence is a dream that we all see,
smiling with harmony when we lay down to sleep.
Our hearts tell us who we are and who we should be,
and our minds lead us to the place we all meet.