Thursday, 14 August 2014

Used To Love Her

Reminiscing the days we spent together with smiles,
Every day was passing by; the clocks struck a new dial. 
We recorded our memories with love and we faced trials,
And there were times we didn't speak for a while.

I loved you more than words could possibly express,
And life was simply the best when I had you in my head.
I missed you when you weren't there with my every breath,
And I'd smile thinking of you when I laid in my bed.

You were the happiness in my life; my guiding light,
The reason I wanted to keep opening my eyes.
You were my strength during the storms and rainy nights,
And the beacon of hope whenever I died inside.

You weren't just my lover; you were my best friend too,
And I told you everything that my breath's end could.
Whenever I cried you cried with me,
Whenever I was hurt you was hurt with me
And through all of it you was always right besides me,
And my heart  tells me that you're still right inside me.

I loved you more than words could possibly say,
And a little more and more with each passing day.
My heart won in a battle with the mind,
And this time it finally drove it away.

When I lay to sleep; my heart seems to whisper,
And I feel that awesome magic that tends to linger.
When I see my dreams; the stars seem to be dancing,
And those voices I use to hear seem to be prancing,
Exclaiming that this love will finally beat the winter.

Where are you now; Why does my heart cry?
Where are you now; Why do the stars die?
The silence of your voice echoes with absence,
And my beating heart no longer beating since it has been.

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