Thursday, 21 August 2014

Today I Don't Have You

It seems like an eternity has passed since it ended,
The bond that we built; the love that we had defected.
So many promises made and so many oaths taken,
But we never got to where I had intended.

I was in my own place and you in your own,
And some nights at late hours I would still feel alone.
You kept your own distance and I kept mine,
But why is it that you're still running across my mind?

If you stopped to see my heart; there's levels inside,
And now I'm drowning in the darkness where the devil resides.
I tried my hardest to keep these feelings pushed aside,
But my heart demands that we fight.

I tried to walk away from everything that we created,
And I'm still taking those steps; I retraced it.
Suffering silently; bloodless pains and dry tears,
And my insecurities I projected became all of my fears.

You were the apple of my eye; the woman I lived for,
I proposed with my thumping heart and wanted to give more.
Every word of affection that I have ever revealed to you,
Wether in words of rhyme or song; there was nothing I concealed from you.

Even now I still want to be where you are,
Even though I know its wrong.
Even now I can hear the cries of the stars,
In those nightshade whispers and glimmering songs.

Today I don't have you in my arms the way I did,
Today I will never feel the grace of those lips I once kissed.
Today you are not here besides me where you should be,
Today we're not planning our lives like the way we could be.
Today you're only in my heart and not in sight,
And in hindsight; I still love you and you were right.

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