Friday, 29 August 2014

Mendacious Dreams

A crimson moon shines on us tonight,
Filled with the colour of the world.
The stars are hidden from our sight,
And all we have with us today are our words.

Shadows silently singing of the spectre's death,
A nightmare visage visible and felt in our breath.
Though we travel through life's world with smiles,
We mourn over what will finally be our end.

The pains that we feel; the flames that we fear,
The rain that we see; the wails that we hear.
Bereft of the sun's warmth; dark clouds remain,
And through the pelting of the rain mixed with our tears.

We once had purpose; once had vein ambition,
dreams that we wanted to live our lives by.
Some wanted to be wealthy; some wanted to be magicians,
but in reality everything we see is because our eyes lie.

A monotonous feeling with each day that ends,
and every dawn that rises; taking the first breath.
Eyes wide open as we wake up from deep slumber,
with thoughts of the day that concoct in our head.

The false hopes we build and dreams invented,
the love that souls instil; the effort invested.
Yet nothing changes; and everything is the same,
and the dreams that we saw were naught but deceptive.

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