Thursday, 14 August 2014

Still Here

My heart is empty; it's been punctured by pain,
The stars are heavy; the world has been ruptured by rain.
I travelled through my life making all the wrong choices,
I followed my mind; not my heart and the song's voices.

With a bleeding and leaking heart I write away thoughts;
Recording in rhythm; Endorsing the living from wars fought.
An internal conflict that questions my very identity,
Trying to piece the puzzles together of who I'm meant to be.

I've always relied on my soul; on purity and etiquette,
But I was forever walked on like the rug of emptiness.
I've always tried to enjoy what little happiness I shared,
Till today I've not once complained how life is unfair.

Why does my smile result in my heart breaking,
Why do my glaring eyes see the stars fading?
Did I commit wrong by being true to who I am,
Staying by my principles; that's the man that I am.

So why must  I sit here in sorrow writing and crying,
as my painful tears are soaking the inked words that I'm sighing
I travelled the world simply fighting and trying,
To seek and obtain the truth through all of the lying.

But I'm still here with streams from my sorrowful eyes,
A pain in my heart incomprehensible to the hollowed minds.
I'm still here bleeding in my broken heart,
I'm still here screeching in the loathsome dark.

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