Thursday, 21 August 2014

Questioning Destiny

Drowning in my sorrow; I'm gasping for air,
Hoping I never see tomorrow for indeed life is unfair.
Shadowed by the past and overwhelmed with burden,
And the mistakes that I made; forever I curse them.

Forcing my brain to erase my unwanted memories,
And demanding my heart to stop and just let me be.
I can't seem to understand the words of the world,
Or configure the lies from the truth; things that I've heard.
I vaguely seem to remember the day of my birth,
And regret the moment I ever stepped foot on this earth.

I question my destiny; and those remorseful felonies,
The things that are meant to be aren't meant for me.
Yet regretfully I write with a leaking pen that sets me free,
and the thoughts I let loose helps me breath.
I demanded the devil that he let me be,
To forgo his evil whispers that haunt me so heavily.

Today I'm forced on my knees and dreading tears,
Remorse and regret shroud all hope and  fear.
A confused mind and a confused heart plagues me,
A faded vision; a faded sight now nothing is clear.
The hope I once nurtured and cherished now escapes me,
And the light is lost; the light I once revered.

I pray my spirit be revived from it's unwelcome death,
To live freely in poetic motion for the hearts breath.
I pray the truth suppresses the lies and malevolence ends,
And to be liberated from this prism of remorse and regret.

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