Monday, 18 August 2014


Millions of thoughts are flooding my mind with rhetorics,
Doubts clouding my sight; when will I hear the end of it?
The world is changing and evolving from it's purity and glory,
And every day there seems to always be a new story.

A glimpse of paradise in the dreams of the ambitious,
Living in hell through the sleep of the malignant malicious.
Freedom is naught but a dying hope for the thinkers,
Do you not see the chains holding the entertainers and singers?

The same shackles infest our minds in subliminal ways,
Consumed by the things we live by in our digital days.
Little do we acknowledge of what and who the cynical slay,
Accepting our everyday lives as a typical fate.

Our souls craving and feeding our lustful habits,
Like the daily consumption of narcotics by drug addicts.
Our minds plaguing the feelings of our hearts,
A dead emotion stirs; and we all tend to have it.

A plea for a new world; a new beginning and change,
For the winds to blow and ignite a new flame.
One day peace and harmony shall fill the world,
And maybe it can begin with rhyming the heart's word.
We must overcome obstacles through sorrow and pain,
Whether through the hottest days or in the pelting rain,
Let's pray for a new world; Let's pray for rebirth.

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