Thursday, 7 August 2014

My Capitulating Soul

Lost in my sorrows; confused with shadows of doubt,
Lost in finding tomorrow; infused with the shallow sounds.
I can't seem to think; I can't seem to find my broken heart,
The pieces are missing and I despise the loathsome dark.
There's no light inside of me; I'm losing my hope,
And the warmth has faded and now it's cold.
I used to search for the moon and stars for my answers,
But it's not there as my mind is being plagued like cancer.
Writers block they call it; bereft of expression and feeling,
A pen that just does not write when my heart is bleeding.
People used to say that I could humble the serenades,
The words that I brought together could rumble the everglades. 
I was humbled by these thoughts and praising claims,
And now I've lost the will of my pen and my poetic ways.
I left my remorseful apparition where I wished it to stay,
Thinking that  I would not live another millenia of days.
I left my mind to be consumed by it's rhetorics and doubts,
And lay myself down to be tranced by the moving clouds.
As I envision the dancing stars; and the prancing hearts,
Joined blissfully in harmonious congregation from afar.
A new dawn rises for the souls that were laid to rest,
And suddenly I can feel a new magic in my breath.
Today I wave goodbye to the reaper; the spectre of death,
Because a new dream is now resting in my head.
I refuse to surrender so I shall continue writing in my bed,
And follow my heart to wherever my destiny ends.


  1. Yes!
    Bittersweet, but I'm glad you found your poetic pen back!

    Good Piece

  2. This is my favourite