Thursday, 28 August 2014

Infinite Serenity

Memories are recordings; Feelings are the refreshing sounds,
And we all wish we could replay a moment without a doubt.
Life is flying past so fast but we don't feel it,
Engaged in the precious moments; it's a different feeling.
Our dreams are like movies in our blu ray minds,
High definition quality with a choice  to rewind at anytime.
And it's just the best when it all seems and feels real,
Like a 4D cinema; and those moments we wake up with tears.
What are these precious parts of our simple lives,
Do we take it for granted in every day that we thrive?
Do we understand our purpose; our every reason,
Do we understand time and the changing of the seasons?
If there was a timer on life; would we have enough time?
To fulfil our ambitions and goals that we dreamed in our minds.
If we flew through space and time what would we find,
A world beyond comprehension but the blind will call us blind.
If we soar through our dreams and fantasies what could we achieve,
Could we find the realm of the edge of our beliefs?
Salvation could be  kneeling and chanting a simple prayer,
And finding guidance for the doomed and nimble strayer.
Salvation could be to smile at everything thrown at us,
understanding the depths of everything that is shown to us.
Questions will never be answered if we dare not ask,
And we shall not move forward and away from the past.

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