Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Faux Clarity

Clarity is fading because reality is embracing,
a vivid world built on dreams and fantasies.
Agony is blazing; can anybody save me,
and take away the pain that I had to see?

My heart is veiled by regrets; remorse and discord,
failing to comprehend or imagine the definition of bliss.
Living in a world where law is laid down but crime is enforced,
and the deceased are clueless for the things they missed. 

Evil is more common and widespread than innocence,
and to be pure seems to be out of trend. 
A world containing vile scenery and disgusting images,
the question arises if any of this will ever end.

I've closed my heart because it questions me,
and mind does not have the answers.
The shadows fiend fawning seem to suppress me,
and everything is reverting to archaic ways; 
like the old knights and lancers. 

Why are innocents being slaughtered at genocidal levels,
when we once assumed that the malefic era was over?
Why is killing a justification for the work of the devil,
and unveiling the pawns of this scheme; the murderous soldiers. 

Yet you lie openly to the world to accomplish your plans,
to demonise the remnants of what remains as purity. 
You'll stop at no cost slaughtering women, babies and the last trace of man,
to fulfil your Nazi like intentions for a world of obscurity.

I dream of a real world with real peace and real harmony, 
not with leaders filling our dreams with vain ambition and fantasies.
It seems that our world will forever be far from free,
and we shall remain forever in this faux clarity.  

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