Sunday, 31 August 2014

My Fault

You're taking steps away from what we built,
not knowing that what you're doing will have me killed.
Breaking my heart with every word that you say,
And my emotions leaking like blood; like water spilled.

What did I do to deserve this relentless pain,
What did I say to be left alone in the rain?
Indulging in the lies you hear instead of believing me,
our bond was like fire but you've extinguished the flame.

You're telling everyone your version; your story,
wherein I'm victimised and your's is all the glory.
Biased to your false innocence; not hearing mine,
telling everyone you loved me the moment you saw me.

It was cause of you that our love had finished,
your distrusting nature cause the wreckage; heaven diminished.
It was cause of you that we're no longer together,
Endorsing your life and avoiding all your deficits.

But the blame is always on me; it's always my fault,
as if my emotion's never mattered rubbing the wounds with salt.
And now you message me again pointing at my flaws,
as if you were perfect with no sins in the vault.

Everything is finished; now nothing is left,
I feel empty without you now; my soul feels like it's dead.
And even now it seems that I can't get you out of my head,
but I know it's for the best that we keep distance our breath.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Mendacious Dreams

A crimson moon shines on us tonight,
Filled with the colour of the world.
The stars are hidden from our sight,
And all we have with us today are our words.

Shadows silently singing of the spectre's death,
A nightmare visage visible and felt in our breath.
Though we travel through life's world with smiles,
We mourn over what will finally be our end.

The pains that we feel; the flames that we fear,
The rain that we see; the wails that we hear.
Bereft of the sun's warmth; dark clouds remain,
And through the pelting of the rain mixed with our tears.

We once had purpose; once had vein ambition,
dreams that we wanted to live our lives by.
Some wanted to be wealthy; some wanted to be magicians,
but in reality everything we see is because our eyes lie.

A monotonous feeling with each day that ends,
and every dawn that rises; taking the first breath.
Eyes wide open as we wake up from deep slumber,
with thoughts of the day that concoct in our head.

The false hopes we build and dreams invented,
the love that souls instil; the effort invested.
Yet nothing changes; and everything is the same,
and the dreams that we saw were naught but deceptive.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Infinite Serenity

Memories are recordings; Feelings are the refreshing sounds,
And we all wish we could replay a moment without a doubt.
Life is flying past so fast but we don't feel it,
Engaged in the precious moments; it's a different feeling.
Our dreams are like movies in our blu ray minds,
High definition quality with a choice  to rewind at anytime.
And it's just the best when it all seems and feels real,
Like a 4D cinema; and those moments we wake up with tears.
What are these precious parts of our simple lives,
Do we take it for granted in every day that we thrive?
Do we understand our purpose; our every reason,
Do we understand time and the changing of the seasons?
If there was a timer on life; would we have enough time?
To fulfil our ambitions and goals that we dreamed in our minds.
If we flew through space and time what would we find,
A world beyond comprehension but the blind will call us blind.
If we soar through our dreams and fantasies what could we achieve,
Could we find the realm of the edge of our beliefs?
Salvation could be  kneeling and chanting a simple prayer,
And finding guidance for the doomed and nimble strayer.
Salvation could be to smile at everything thrown at us,
understanding the depths of everything that is shown to us.
Questions will never be answered if we dare not ask,
And we shall not move forward and away from the past.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Questioning Destiny

Drowning in my sorrow; I'm gasping for air,
Hoping I never see tomorrow for indeed life is unfair.
Shadowed by the past and overwhelmed with burden,
And the mistakes that I made; forever I curse them.

Forcing my brain to erase my unwanted memories,
And demanding my heart to stop and just let me be.
I can't seem to understand the words of the world,
Or configure the lies from the truth; things that I've heard.
I vaguely seem to remember the day of my birth,
And regret the moment I ever stepped foot on this earth.

I question my destiny; and those remorseful felonies,
The things that are meant to be aren't meant for me.
Yet regretfully I write with a leaking pen that sets me free,
and the thoughts I let loose helps me breath.
I demanded the devil that he let me be,
To forgo his evil whispers that haunt me so heavily.

Today I'm forced on my knees and dreading tears,
Remorse and regret shroud all hope and  fear.
A confused mind and a confused heart plagues me,
A faded vision; a faded sight now nothing is clear.
The hope I once nurtured and cherished now escapes me,
And the light is lost; the light I once revered.

I pray my spirit be revived from it's unwelcome death,
To live freely in poetic motion for the hearts breath.
I pray the truth suppresses the lies and malevolence ends,
And to be liberated from this prism of remorse and regret.

Today I Don't Have You

It seems like an eternity has passed since it ended,
The bond that we built; the love that we had defected.
So many promises made and so many oaths taken,
But we never got to where I had intended.

I was in my own place and you in your own,
And some nights at late hours I would still feel alone.
You kept your own distance and I kept mine,
But why is it that you're still running across my mind?

If you stopped to see my heart; there's levels inside,
And now I'm drowning in the darkness where the devil resides.
I tried my hardest to keep these feelings pushed aside,
But my heart demands that we fight.

I tried to walk away from everything that we created,
And I'm still taking those steps; I retraced it.
Suffering silently; bloodless pains and dry tears,
And my insecurities I projected became all of my fears.

You were the apple of my eye; the woman I lived for,
I proposed with my thumping heart and wanted to give more.
Every word of affection that I have ever revealed to you,
Wether in words of rhyme or song; there was nothing I concealed from you.

Even now I still want to be where you are,
Even though I know its wrong.
Even now I can hear the cries of the stars,
In those nightshade whispers and glimmering songs.

Today I don't have you in my arms the way I did,
Today I will never feel the grace of those lips I once kissed.
Today you are not here besides me where you should be,
Today we're not planning our lives like the way we could be.
Today you're only in my heart and not in sight,
And in hindsight; I still love you and you were right.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

What is life?

Everyday seems to be a conflict with psychological warfare,
Rhetorics like how violin strings are constructed with horse hair.
Those mysteries unanswered like why children are born scared,
Unable to understand how it's possible that the law's fair.

Crimes suppressed and hidden by the real criminals,
And then the blame is set upon another innocent individual.
The lies that they tell; one day they shall be exposed,
For every movement they make is deviant and finagle.

What is life but a clutter of fantasies and reality,
Conjured up to be a vision of the blind.
Our hearts are now nothing more than an apathy,
And we now follow the choices made by our minds.

Life is fragile yet everyday is a conflict that we fight,
The devious are agile and they keep hidden from our sight.
Truth is now just a word that is thrown around,
Misused like an authority in power filled with clouded doubt.

I am too blinded; my vision is faded,
My pen writes what emotion remains.
The past reminded why prisons are raided,
I pray for clarity in motion; a peace to be retained.

Monday, 18 August 2014


Millions of thoughts are flooding my mind with rhetorics,
Doubts clouding my sight; when will I hear the end of it?
The world is changing and evolving from it's purity and glory,
And every day there seems to always be a new story.

A glimpse of paradise in the dreams of the ambitious,
Living in hell through the sleep of the malignant malicious.
Freedom is naught but a dying hope for the thinkers,
Do you not see the chains holding the entertainers and singers?

The same shackles infest our minds in subliminal ways,
Consumed by the things we live by in our digital days.
Little do we acknowledge of what and who the cynical slay,
Accepting our everyday lives as a typical fate.

Our souls craving and feeding our lustful habits,
Like the daily consumption of narcotics by drug addicts.
Our minds plaguing the feelings of our hearts,
A dead emotion stirs; and we all tend to have it.

A plea for a new world; a new beginning and change,
For the winds to blow and ignite a new flame.
One day peace and harmony shall fill the world,
And maybe it can begin with rhyming the heart's word.
We must overcome obstacles through sorrow and pain,
Whether through the hottest days or in the pelting rain,
Let's pray for a new world; Let's pray for rebirth.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Used To Love Her

Reminiscing the days we spent together with smiles,
Every day was passing by; the clocks struck a new dial. 
We recorded our memories with love and we faced trials,
And there were times we didn't speak for a while.

I loved you more than words could possibly express,
And life was simply the best when I had you in my head.
I missed you when you weren't there with my every breath,
And I'd smile thinking of you when I laid in my bed.

You were the happiness in my life; my guiding light,
The reason I wanted to keep opening my eyes.
You were my strength during the storms and rainy nights,
And the beacon of hope whenever I died inside.

You weren't just my lover; you were my best friend too,
And I told you everything that my breath's end could.
Whenever I cried you cried with me,
Whenever I was hurt you was hurt with me
And through all of it you was always right besides me,
And my heart  tells me that you're still right inside me.

I loved you more than words could possibly say,
And a little more and more with each passing day.
My heart won in a battle with the mind,
And this time it finally drove it away.

When I lay to sleep; my heart seems to whisper,
And I feel that awesome magic that tends to linger.
When I see my dreams; the stars seem to be dancing,
And those voices I use to hear seem to be prancing,
Exclaiming that this love will finally beat the winter.

Where are you now; Why does my heart cry?
Where are you now; Why do the stars die?
The silence of your voice echoes with absence,
And my beating heart no longer beating since it has been.

Still Here

My heart is empty; it's been punctured by pain,
The stars are heavy; the world has been ruptured by rain.
I travelled through my life making all the wrong choices,
I followed my mind; not my heart and the song's voices.

With a bleeding and leaking heart I write away thoughts;
Recording in rhythm; Endorsing the living from wars fought.
An internal conflict that questions my very identity,
Trying to piece the puzzles together of who I'm meant to be.

I've always relied on my soul; on purity and etiquette,
But I was forever walked on like the rug of emptiness.
I've always tried to enjoy what little happiness I shared,
Till today I've not once complained how life is unfair.

Why does my smile result in my heart breaking,
Why do my glaring eyes see the stars fading?
Did I commit wrong by being true to who I am,
Staying by my principles; that's the man that I am.

So why must  I sit here in sorrow writing and crying,
as my painful tears are soaking the inked words that I'm sighing
I travelled the world simply fighting and trying,
To seek and obtain the truth through all of the lying.

But I'm still here with streams from my sorrowful eyes,
A pain in my heart incomprehensible to the hollowed minds.
I'm still here bleeding in my broken heart,
I'm still here screeching in the loathsome dark.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Faux Clarity

Clarity is fading because reality is embracing,
a vivid world built on dreams and fantasies.
Agony is blazing; can anybody save me,
and take away the pain that I had to see?

My heart is veiled by regrets; remorse and discord,
failing to comprehend or imagine the definition of bliss.
Living in a world where law is laid down but crime is enforced,
and the deceased are clueless for the things they missed. 

Evil is more common and widespread than innocence,
and to be pure seems to be out of trend. 
A world containing vile scenery and disgusting images,
the question arises if any of this will ever end.

I've closed my heart because it questions me,
and mind does not have the answers.
The shadows fiend fawning seem to suppress me,
and everything is reverting to archaic ways; 
like the old knights and lancers. 

Why are innocents being slaughtered at genocidal levels,
when we once assumed that the malefic era was over?
Why is killing a justification for the work of the devil,
and unveiling the pawns of this scheme; the murderous soldiers. 

Yet you lie openly to the world to accomplish your plans,
to demonise the remnants of what remains as purity. 
You'll stop at no cost slaughtering women, babies and the last trace of man,
to fulfil your Nazi like intentions for a world of obscurity.

I dream of a real world with real peace and real harmony, 
not with leaders filling our dreams with vain ambition and fantasies.
It seems that our world will forever be far from free,
and we shall remain forever in this faux clarity.  

Thursday, 7 August 2014

My Capitulating Soul

Lost in my sorrows; confused with shadows of doubt,
Lost in finding tomorrow; infused with the shallow sounds.
I can't seem to think; I can't seem to find my broken heart,
The pieces are missing and I despise the loathsome dark.
There's no light inside of me; I'm losing my hope,
And the warmth has faded and now it's cold.
I used to search for the moon and stars for my answers,
But it's not there as my mind is being plagued like cancer.
Writers block they call it; bereft of expression and feeling,
A pen that just does not write when my heart is bleeding.
People used to say that I could humble the serenades,
The words that I brought together could rumble the everglades. 
I was humbled by these thoughts and praising claims,
And now I've lost the will of my pen and my poetic ways.
I left my remorseful apparition where I wished it to stay,
Thinking that  I would not live another millenia of days.
I left my mind to be consumed by it's rhetorics and doubts,
And lay myself down to be tranced by the moving clouds.
As I envision the dancing stars; and the prancing hearts,
Joined blissfully in harmonious congregation from afar.
A new dawn rises for the souls that were laid to rest,
And suddenly I can feel a new magic in my breath.
Today I wave goodbye to the reaper; the spectre of death,
Because a new dream is now resting in my head.
I refuse to surrender so I shall continue writing in my bed,
And follow my heart to wherever my destiny ends.