Saturday, 5 July 2014

The World Cup 2014

It's a festive time as millions of people gather,
to witness an event worldwide; the feeling can't be fathomed.
From every country of the world that are participating,
And billions of viewers at home with broadcasts articulating.

It's a joyous time for the world; from adults to children,
And the many cultures unite under one stadium; one building.
To witness the greatest football played in this century,
Together under the banner of mankind; it will be a memory.

Argentina; Brazil; Croatia; Denmark; England France and Germany,
The greatest teams play this season with the greatest courtesy.
Holland; Italy; Korea; Mexico; Nigeria; Portugal and Russia,
Alphabetically quoted with the greatest urgency.

This season is when there exists no enmity,
where love is shown between all nations with serenity.
And football is played in the way that it's meant to be,
countries playing for the title in a race against destiny.

A joyous occasion for the millions in the Brazilian stadium,
A feeling unfathomable like when Marie Curie discovered radium.
And the billions at home watching on TV simultaneously,
The world cup 2014; a winner shall emerge spontaneously.


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