Friday, 4 July 2014

The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Before revelation; He was a man gentle and honest,
Al-amin they called him; before he became a prophet.
He always lived his life with the greatest of morality,
Simplicity; humility; modesty was his structure of totality, 

He was a man of many beauties; a handsome soul to walk the earth,
An illiterate man who only knew to show kindness through action and word.
He was a man who excelled in every field from a father to a leader,
And saw no differences between rich or poor; He was a speaker. 

He lived in a time when oppression ruled and freedom was a crime,
And he spoke out for those who could not; He spoke his mind.
He was an orphan who knew not the love of a father and a mother,
Yet loved all of his neighbours as his own sisters and brothers.

Alas at the age of forty; did he receive a message from Almighty God,
to spread the message of One God; though people found this odd.
They were pagans and knew only of worshipping stone idols,
and in anger and hatred chased out the Prophet; with rage homicidal. 

When he received revelation from the archangel; he was frightened and scared,
Unaware of what just had occurred; his wife embraced him for what he will bare.
He set out to spread the message of God knowing of what is to reach,
Accepting that God was with him; He set out to spread the peace.

He came to a city known as Taa'if and invited all to the cause,
Worship One God he said; A messenger never once seen before.
They rejected him; they cursed him and pelted him with stones,
Till his feet were coloured red of blood; out of the city he was alone.

This was his perseverance and obedience to the message of His Lord,
And he would not give up if they placed the moon and sun in his hands.
He would tolerate any pain and hardship; any journey through the storms,
To spread the message of peace to every pagan woman and man.

But the muslims were hated and driven out of their very own homes,
For believing in one Lord; and not their Gods of clay and stone.
The Prophet ordered his companions to emigrate to the Christian king,
where he knew they would find refuge for he was kind as the winds.

The pagans of mecca sent out a diplomat to the wise christian king,
Seeking that he refuse the muslims any shelter for they are full of sin.
But the wise christian king wished to hear out their tale and story,
So they began in the name of Allah; the  Lord of eternal glory.

They began to recite verses of the holy scriptures revealed to the Prophet,
And the king's heart had softened and said verily this man is nay but honest.
What they believe in is what he believed in; rays of light that he felt from his soul,
And he told the diplomat he would not give them up for a mountain of gold

Long is the story of the holy prophet; full of hardship and pain,
A poem too long if I were to elaborate on the things that had changed.
I urge my dear readers to read the history of this great and noble man,
And I promise you will not believe the lies that the media began.

This was only a small part of the life of the holy prophet of Islam,
Who taught us to believe in jesus, moses,noah and adam the first man.

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