Friday, 25 July 2014

The Palestinian Slaughter

 Corpses of children lay in pools of crimson red dead on land,
The palestinian massacre is real but the ignorant will never understand.
The world is deaf from the crying and the screaming,
Turning a blind eye to murder; they say it doesn't matter if they're bleeding.
Dear people of the world,
Can't you see what these monsters are doing?
Where is humanity; why is the essence of mankind losing?
Where palestinians are concerned it seem their lives are worthless,
And the world is supporting Israeli genocidal purpose.
A raining barrage of bombs lay siege to the remains of Gaza,
Bloodied corpses encompass the land; children mothers and fathers.
 I will never again find peace until there is restitution for palestine,
Bring me a petition for aid in Gaza which I haven't signed.
Send a camera to Gaza not Israel to see blood on your TV screens,
And the people in power are nothing more but TV fiends.
Hiding the truth from the world so that they never see,
The plans that they conspired beginning in the middle east.
When the holocaust started you mourned all the losses,
Yet you've instigated another and you laugh in your office.
New borns are being shot in the head by your soldiers,
Where is the humanity; when will it be finally over?
You call it self defence against a powerless people,
The world's biggest army running occupations that are illegal.
They throw pebbles and stones at your mighty tanks,
You return fire  with explosives and tear off their hands.
They stand brave to your men with courage and heart,
You shoot them in their heads till their world is dark.
You bury the young alive in pits  to display your evil,
and to the BBC you lack honesty and pretend to be feeble.
You control the media; you control the minds of many,
You control the world in reality even the pounds and pennies.
And you spread your propaganda lies while you slaughter,
Innocent people from fathers; mothers; sons and daughters.
Have you no shame you hypocritical fiends,
Crying about the holocaust while you're shooting at those who scream.
And now you're silencing the voices that have actually seen,
that what you're doing will never be broadcasted on television screens

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