Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Seeking a poetic truth

Corrupted minds; infected hearts and silenced Voices,
Instructed Lies; invested dark; and violent choices.
The people in power are the real definition of evil,
No remorse for the slaughter of thousands of people.
No peace for the people of palestine and the murdered infants,
No resolution against Israeli injustice and the invasion's impact.
No liberation for those dying in Syria; the unheard screams,
And no aid for the dying innocents; the flowing of crimson streams.
The same devils came to Iraq and dominated,
A million dead; three million homeless and Iraq left depopulated.
Yet the world still seems to think its a war on terror,
when they are the one's causing the terror.
No one is coming to the truth of the various errors,
What kind of world are we living in; what kind of era?
They started a war against the east for money and oil,
And instigated strategies of tensions till their blood boiled.
Lying to their own people; Murdering their own people,
But blaming a non existent force; an unknown primeval.
Learn the truth of the White House and the decisions they made,
Your president isn't who you think he is; the war that he waged.
2,976 killed on 9/11; a conspiracy started by him,
How does this justify killing two and a half million?
A game of thrones in reality; a bond that they have with Israel,
Stating that killing palestinians is justice from their false citadels.
And the dividing of the arab world was just another plan,
And the leaders that they installed were zionists in command.
One by one they lead to an end; ultimate control,
Conspiracies becoming worldwide truth yet they console.
Lying through their teeth and the people believe it,
And they'll never give up until they achieve it.
A worldwide injustice in the disguise of justice for the blind,
And the ignorant that fall for it with corrupted minds.
I will never stand by it; nor in word or in rhyme,
And this is the true perspective from someone who isn't blind.

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