Friday, 11 July 2014

Peace For Palestine

Children are dying and the  mothers are crying,
And with pebbles and stones they are fighting.
The fires have been ignited; and the genocide is incited,
Palestinians are praying as the zionists have death invited.

Troops are invading; and the bombs can't be evaded,
Countless deaths and injuries as the fires are blazing.
New borns being shot in the head by zionist soldiers,
Men and women being tortured many times over.
Yet the world is too blind to see; enslaved by the media.
Your minds are not free;
They've implanted amnesia.

The BBC constantly whitewashing the Israeli crimes,
Preventing us from understanding the truth till the end of time.
Feeling so lost and helpless I'm dwelling in my rhymes,
Overwhelmed by all the thoughts that I have on my mind.

It's obviously another genocide but 
the world just doesn't care,
Because it's muslims they're killing; 
and the world isn't fair.
The life of a palestinian seems to be less of any other,
But in humanity they are still your sisters and brothers.
And you sit back and allow them to be slaughtered,
just because it's not your mother sister brother son or daughter
Blood is literally dripping off of our TV screens,
The blood of the palestinians; we can hear their screams.
A full scale genocide is what they are calling for,
The murderous demonic Israeli Zionists are calling war.

If ever we venture the lands they are dying on,
Hundred and thousands of shells covered in blood and limbs;
This is what the zionists are.

If ever you were to seek the truth; hitler has been reborn,
as an apartheid state with the intent of wiping out those in their way.
Slowly accumulating accomplishments for their plan to reform,
A world under their authority; and no more chanting to live another day.

Let's call for an end against the injustice of the zionists,
Let us unite in solidarity from religious leaders to scientists.
Let us protest for what is right and rebel against what is wrong,
Whether in speech; letter; poem or song.

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