Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Fading Love

My heart is beating; my heart is screaming,
It's only your face that I seem to remember.
My heart is bleeding; My heart is screeching,
A shiver in my spine like the colds of december.

Clouds just drift by so elegantly: so gently; so smoothly,
And I wish I could be a cloud with no worries.
The first day I saw you I was taken back by your beauty,
and I loved it how you thought that I was so funny.

Early morning with clear skies; a blanket of blue,
I miss those memories; the scenery and beautiful views.
Today accepted by mind and heart; I am thankful of you,
You've changed my life; and that is more than true.

But you're just that; a memory slowly fading away,
Like the gentle breeze and fire; blazing astray.
I would yet be surprised if you even remembered my name,
Or that you loved me; what would you say?

Today I seem to mourn that life is always changing,
I thought I accepted it when the days were raining.
I can't figure out why my heart is so pain filled,
Nor the reason as to why the stars are faint lately.

You were a landmark of my life; my joy and my smile,
I don't know what you are anymore; haven't seen you in a while.
I really thought that one day you would be my wife,
Indulged in our love as we walked down the aisle.
And I still dream of a day that may come true,
where you come back to me with that same beautiful smile.

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