Tuesday, 29 July 2014

A Dead Feeling

My heart has no words; my feelings are silent,
Drowning in sorrow and hurt; the pain is violent.
A darkness enveloping this world which nothing may brighten,
And I endure it alone while the frigidness heightens.

My heart is feeling alone; 
like the unlimited minutes on a contract phone.
My heart breaks like bones;
Fragile with every piece that cracks and has regrown.

I feel an emptiness inside; like I've found the place where death resides.
I feel barren and cold inside; like when unbearable choices arise and I must decide.

I don't understand the numbness in my fingers,
I don't understand the longevity of this winter.
Why is it that echoes fade and the silence lingers,
And life is broken; destroyed; torn and hindered.

Why am I scared of losing you?
Why am I scared of having to prove to you?
You are mine already and you've taken my heart,
So why am I scared of losing you?

Why are my own thoughts haunting me now?
Why are my inner wars taunting me now?
My heart and mind at conflict with one another,
Yet I see no battle and I hear no sound.

I curse this feeling; am I starting to die?
I curse my feelings; has my heart ever lied?
Confused and full of doubt; I am feeling dead,
I despise this dead feeling; but I welcome death.

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