Thursday, 31 July 2014

My Journey With Poetry

Ink flowing gracefully from the tip of my pen recording words,
Pouring out my emotions on paper with endorsing verbs.
My mind nomadic in thoughts of this  lonesome life,
That we battle and combat single handedly with no weapon; no knife.
All we have in possession when we grow is faith and belief,
And we have to combat those obstacles in life that deceive.

Writing away with my pen;  I flow syllables and I'm hence labelled lyrical,
But I refute it because poetry does not require a miracle.
It's ever so lenient and trivial; all you should necessitate is a heart that's spiritual.
And the secret of it is that you just feel your life,
You don't need to gaze at life to make words rhyme.
Paper isn't really essential; it can be inscribed in your mind,
Just let those feelings flow like a stream until the end of time.

That's how I began my journey and how I'm travelling,
Looking for the mysteries of life; the secrets I'm unravelling.
My pen shall never run out of it's stream like ink,
For as long as I am able to dream and think.
My heart is my answer; my words are my weapons,
My defence in a world that refutes the awe of the heavens.

Sometimes I feel like I want to just conquer the world,
To open up our destinies with the rhythm of words.
A garden of infinite beauties worth more than underwater pearls,
And beyond the reach of the treasures of earth.
A question never answered; a truth never learned,
What is beyond the universe; what have the stars heard?

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

If You Took My Heart

I never imagined my world to crumble and fall,
I never thought that I would  hear the whispers of death's call.
A barren soul bereft of it's life; an eternal void,
All feeling is lost in every artery; numbness and dying voice.

I've reached the point of no return; I've lost myself,
I don't know the truth anymore; when will the ice melt?
I feel the shadows crawl across the walls of my heart,
And taunt me ever so when I sit alone in the dark.

I question my mind; but answers aren't to be found,
I feel blind; I feel deaf; no sight and no sound.
I don't know who I am anymore; I've lost my identity,
It doesn't matter who tells me who I'm meant to be.

This feeling that is killing me is indescribable,
I have no words that I can write; it is indefinable.
A solitude away from reality; away from time and space,
A solitude that festers inside corrupting every trace.

If you took my heart; tell me could you feel my pain,
Could you look inside and find the once burning flame?
If you took my heart; will you finally understand,
Why I gave my life up and rejected another chance..

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

A Dead Feeling

My heart has no words; my feelings are silent,
Drowning in sorrow and hurt; the pain is violent.
A darkness enveloping this world which nothing may brighten,
And I endure it alone while the frigidness heightens.

My heart is feeling alone; 
like the unlimited minutes on a contract phone.
My heart breaks like bones;
Fragile with every piece that cracks and has regrown.

I feel an emptiness inside; like I've found the place where death resides.
I feel barren and cold inside; like when unbearable choices arise and I must decide.

I don't understand the numbness in my fingers,
I don't understand the longevity of this winter.
Why is it that echoes fade and the silence lingers,
And life is broken; destroyed; torn and hindered.

Why am I scared of losing you?
Why am I scared of having to prove to you?
You are mine already and you've taken my heart,
So why am I scared of losing you?

Why are my own thoughts haunting me now?
Why are my inner wars taunting me now?
My heart and mind at conflict with one another,
Yet I see no battle and I hear no sound.

I curse this feeling; am I starting to die?
I curse my feelings; has my heart ever lied?
Confused and full of doubt; I am feeling dead,
I despise this dead feeling; but I welcome death.

Thoughts At Night

Laying in bed just contemplating things I regret,
Just floating thoughts whizzing past in my head.
Sometimes I ask myself if it's better to be dead,
And sometimes I wish it whilst I lay in my bed.

I can't find all the questions and I can't always find the answers,
And these regrets and remorse are plaguing me like cancer.
Sometimes I think about whether I still want to live,
and wonder about the things I've still yet to give.

I make more mistakes than the usual ordinary soul,
And I think less logical and worry less about growing old.
I lack common sense and make decisions I regret,
And curse nearly every single one of my defects.

Yet people love me and I just don't understand why,
Is it just me or are they actually blind?
Or is it cause they have hearts and think less with their minds,
And I'm just a fool that believes everything is a lie.

I have a wife to be that never wishes to change me,
And loves me for my imperfections; damn that's amazing.
I thought I'd never find love especially around me,
And someone who says that they can't live without me.

Yet I find myself to be depressed late at night,
With thoughts that tease me and tainting my sight.
Thinking about my sins and the choices I made wrong,
It'd be infinitely endless if I listed them in a song

So many thoughts during an hour of late,
Should I just accept myself and my destiny and fate?
So many thoughts I can't seem to find relief,
Should I just forget it all and rely on belief?

Dear Brain, Sincerely Heart.

If my heart could write a letter to my mind,
It would have plenty to say about it's feelings.
Dear brain; you need to use me instead of your eyes,
after all I am the reason that you are breathing.

Dear brain why are you putting me through so much grief,
Making bad choices and decisions that will last.
Why are you so hasty on deciding when to leave,
 why don't you take risks and give things another chance?

Dear brain don't my opinions matter in this life,
Everything you do makes me want to stab myself with a knife.
Dear brain are you always going to be thinking,
Instead of hearing my feelings; stop staring and start blinking.

Dear brain we are meant to be partners in this soul,
You aren't the only one who is going to grow old.
I will live the sixty to seventy years alongside with you,
Give my opinions value in choices for the truth.

Dear brain have you ever experience falling in love,
Or feeling it's magic; do you think about what is above?
Dear brain do you acknowledge my existence,
and hear my screams when you hurt me; do you listen?

You are the brain; and I am the heart; I need you and you need me.
Stop making choices alone when I am the reason you are breathing.

Friday, 25 July 2014

The Palestinian Slaughter

 Corpses of children lay in pools of crimson red dead on land,
The palestinian massacre is real but the ignorant will never understand.
The world is deaf from the crying and the screaming,
Turning a blind eye to murder; they say it doesn't matter if they're bleeding.
Dear people of the world,
Can't you see what these monsters are doing?
Where is humanity; why is the essence of mankind losing?
Where palestinians are concerned it seem their lives are worthless,
And the world is supporting Israeli genocidal purpose.
A raining barrage of bombs lay siege to the remains of Gaza,
Bloodied corpses encompass the land; children mothers and fathers.
 I will never again find peace until there is restitution for palestine,
Bring me a petition for aid in Gaza which I haven't signed.
Send a camera to Gaza not Israel to see blood on your TV screens,
And the people in power are nothing more but TV fiends.
Hiding the truth from the world so that they never see,
The plans that they conspired beginning in the middle east.
When the holocaust started you mourned all the losses,
Yet you've instigated another and you laugh in your office.
New borns are being shot in the head by your soldiers,
Where is the humanity; when will it be finally over?
You call it self defence against a powerless people,
The world's biggest army running occupations that are illegal.
They throw pebbles and stones at your mighty tanks,
You return fire  with explosives and tear off their hands.
They stand brave to your men with courage and heart,
You shoot them in their heads till their world is dark.
You bury the young alive in pits  to display your evil,
and to the BBC you lack honesty and pretend to be feeble.
You control the media; you control the minds of many,
You control the world in reality even the pounds and pennies.
And you spread your propaganda lies while you slaughter,
Innocent people from fathers; mothers; sons and daughters.
Have you no shame you hypocritical fiends,
Crying about the holocaust while you're shooting at those who scream.
And now you're silencing the voices that have actually seen,
that what you're doing will never be broadcasted on television screens

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Seeking a poetic truth

Corrupted minds; infected hearts and silenced Voices,
Instructed Lies; invested dark; and violent choices.
The people in power are the real definition of evil,
No remorse for the slaughter of thousands of people.
No peace for the people of palestine and the murdered infants,
No resolution against Israeli injustice and the invasion's impact.
No liberation for those dying in Syria; the unheard screams,
And no aid for the dying innocents; the flowing of crimson streams.
The same devils came to Iraq and dominated,
A million dead; three million homeless and Iraq left depopulated.
Yet the world still seems to think its a war on terror,
when they are the one's causing the terror.
No one is coming to the truth of the various errors,
What kind of world are we living in; what kind of era?
They started a war against the east for money and oil,
And instigated strategies of tensions till their blood boiled.
Lying to their own people; Murdering their own people,
But blaming a non existent force; an unknown primeval.
Learn the truth of the White House and the decisions they made,
Your president isn't who you think he is; the war that he waged.
2,976 killed on 9/11; a conspiracy started by him,
How does this justify killing two and a half million?
A game of thrones in reality; a bond that they have with Israel,
Stating that killing palestinians is justice from their false citadels.
And the dividing of the arab world was just another plan,
And the leaders that they installed were zionists in command.
One by one they lead to an end; ultimate control,
Conspiracies becoming worldwide truth yet they console.
Lying through their teeth and the people believe it,
And they'll never give up until they achieve it.
A worldwide injustice in the disguise of justice for the blind,
And the ignorant that fall for it with corrupted minds.
I will never stand by it; nor in word or in rhyme,
And this is the true perspective from someone who isn't blind.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Fading Love

My heart is beating; my heart is screaming,
It's only your face that I seem to remember.
My heart is bleeding; My heart is screeching,
A shiver in my spine like the colds of december.

Clouds just drift by so elegantly: so gently; so smoothly,
And I wish I could be a cloud with no worries.
The first day I saw you I was taken back by your beauty,
and I loved it how you thought that I was so funny.

Early morning with clear skies; a blanket of blue,
I miss those memories; the scenery and beautiful views.
Today accepted by mind and heart; I am thankful of you,
You've changed my life; and that is more than true.

But you're just that; a memory slowly fading away,
Like the gentle breeze and fire; blazing astray.
I would yet be surprised if you even remembered my name,
Or that you loved me; what would you say?

Today I seem to mourn that life is always changing,
I thought I accepted it when the days were raining.
I can't figure out why my heart is so pain filled,
Nor the reason as to why the stars are faint lately.

You were a landmark of my life; my joy and my smile,
I don't know what you are anymore; haven't seen you in a while.
I really thought that one day you would be my wife,
Indulged in our love as we walked down the aisle.
And I still dream of a day that may come true,
where you come back to me with that same beautiful smile.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Peace For Palestine

Children are dying and the  mothers are crying,
And with pebbles and stones they are fighting.
The fires have been ignited; and the genocide is incited,
Palestinians are praying as the zionists have death invited.

Troops are invading; and the bombs can't be evaded,
Countless deaths and injuries as the fires are blazing.
New borns being shot in the head by zionist soldiers,
Men and women being tortured many times over.
Yet the world is too blind to see; enslaved by the media.
Your minds are not free;
They've implanted amnesia.

The BBC constantly whitewashing the Israeli crimes,
Preventing us from understanding the truth till the end of time.
Feeling so lost and helpless I'm dwelling in my rhymes,
Overwhelmed by all the thoughts that I have on my mind.

It's obviously another genocide but 
the world just doesn't care,
Because it's muslims they're killing; 
and the world isn't fair.
The life of a palestinian seems to be less of any other,
But in humanity they are still your sisters and brothers.
And you sit back and allow them to be slaughtered,
just because it's not your mother sister brother son or daughter
Blood is literally dripping off of our TV screens,
The blood of the palestinians; we can hear their screams.
A full scale genocide is what they are calling for,
The murderous demonic Israeli Zionists are calling war.

If ever we venture the lands they are dying on,
Hundred and thousands of shells covered in blood and limbs;
This is what the zionists are.

If ever you were to seek the truth; hitler has been reborn,
as an apartheid state with the intent of wiping out those in their way.
Slowly accumulating accomplishments for their plan to reform,
A world under their authority; and no more chanting to live another day.

Let's call for an end against the injustice of the zionists,
Let us unite in solidarity from religious leaders to scientists.
Let us protest for what is right and rebel against what is wrong,
Whether in speech; letter; poem or song.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Everything's changed

My pen flows as I write lyrically with rhythm in my syllables,
And my heart is pouring physically as I listen for the miracles.
The stars transcend visibly in a prism  wherein emotions are miscible,
And the dark descends with infamy within a schism that is pitiful.

Losing sight of the majestic light that once embraced us,
In the quaint morning bliss and the night that encased us.
The clearness of the blue skies and the trees swaying,
And when dawn rises the new skies and breeze praying.

We could hear the waves against the beach,
We could hear the flames burn when we were asleep.
We could feel the fates turn when dwelling in dreams,
We could feel the blades against our skins when we bleed.

Nothing is the same; our lives once had purpose,
And we always took our days even if we were hurting.
Everything we did for ourselves we believed was worth it,
And never realised the damage that our sentenced words did.

I want to wake up and sigh in relief that nothing has changed,
But we're not sleeping right now and there isn't a flame.
We have to face the dark days with smiles or in pain,
Whether the sun is shining or in the drought and rain.

My alarm clock isn't screeching; my mother isn't screaming,
The clouds are drifting by and the sighs of my breathing.
This is reality; not a dream or a vivid nightmare,
This is what the world has become; and now our eyes stare.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

The World Cup 2014

It's a festive time as millions of people gather,
to witness an event worldwide; the feeling can't be fathomed.
From every country of the world that are participating,
And billions of viewers at home with broadcasts articulating.

It's a joyous time for the world; from adults to children,
And the many cultures unite under one stadium; one building.
To witness the greatest football played in this century,
Together under the banner of mankind; it will be a memory.

Argentina; Brazil; Croatia; Denmark; England France and Germany,
The greatest teams play this season with the greatest courtesy.
Holland; Italy; Korea; Mexico; Nigeria; Portugal and Russia,
Alphabetically quoted with the greatest urgency.

This season is when there exists no enmity,
where love is shown between all nations with serenity.
And football is played in the way that it's meant to be,
countries playing for the title in a race against destiny.

A joyous occasion for the millions in the Brazilian stadium,
A feeling unfathomable like when Marie Curie discovered radium.
And the billions at home watching on TV simultaneously,
The world cup 2014; a winner shall emerge spontaneously.


Friday, 4 July 2014

The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Before revelation; He was a man gentle and honest,
Al-amin they called him; before he became a prophet.
He always lived his life with the greatest of morality,
Simplicity; humility; modesty was his structure of totality, 

He was a man of many beauties; a handsome soul to walk the earth,
An illiterate man who only knew to show kindness through action and word.
He was a man who excelled in every field from a father to a leader,
And saw no differences between rich or poor; He was a speaker. 

He lived in a time when oppression ruled and freedom was a crime,
And he spoke out for those who could not; He spoke his mind.
He was an orphan who knew not the love of a father and a mother,
Yet loved all of his neighbours as his own sisters and brothers.

Alas at the age of forty; did he receive a message from Almighty God,
to spread the message of One God; though people found this odd.
They were pagans and knew only of worshipping stone idols,
and in anger and hatred chased out the Prophet; with rage homicidal. 

When he received revelation from the archangel; he was frightened and scared,
Unaware of what just had occurred; his wife embraced him for what he will bare.
He set out to spread the message of God knowing of what is to reach,
Accepting that God was with him; He set out to spread the peace.

He came to a city known as Taa'if and invited all to the cause,
Worship One God he said; A messenger never once seen before.
They rejected him; they cursed him and pelted him with stones,
Till his feet were coloured red of blood; out of the city he was alone.

This was his perseverance and obedience to the message of His Lord,
And he would not give up if they placed the moon and sun in his hands.
He would tolerate any pain and hardship; any journey through the storms,
To spread the message of peace to every pagan woman and man.

But the muslims were hated and driven out of their very own homes,
For believing in one Lord; and not their Gods of clay and stone.
The Prophet ordered his companions to emigrate to the Christian king,
where he knew they would find refuge for he was kind as the winds.

The pagans of mecca sent out a diplomat to the wise christian king,
Seeking that he refuse the muslims any shelter for they are full of sin.
But the wise christian king wished to hear out their tale and story,
So they began in the name of Allah; the  Lord of eternal glory.

They began to recite verses of the holy scriptures revealed to the Prophet,
And the king's heart had softened and said verily this man is nay but honest.
What they believe in is what he believed in; rays of light that he felt from his soul,
And he told the diplomat he would not give them up for a mountain of gold

Long is the story of the holy prophet; full of hardship and pain,
A poem too long if I were to elaborate on the things that had changed.
I urge my dear readers to read the history of this great and noble man,
And I promise you will not believe the lies that the media began.

This was only a small part of the life of the holy prophet of Islam,
Who taught us to believe in jesus, moses,noah and adam the first man.