Sunday, 1 June 2014

When You Left..

It wasn't just yesterday when you decided to leave,
when you finally had enough and said goodbye.
You never understood what you truly meant to me,
It was just as easy for you to simply let me live my life.

I never wanted to let go; It was you that wanted to go,
I never wanted a change; It was you that let tears flow.
You took your steps away from me and just waved,
Leaving me a broken soul burning in this flame.

There isn't a soul like you; I can't fall in love again,
It just does not work that way for me. 
How did you just move on and move away,
When I can't even let the past leave before me.

I wanted you forever but you don't feel the same,
I gave you my heart but now you're returning it.
Words cannot describe the eternity of this pain,
Like it will never end as the inferno I'm burning in.

Why did you let me waste my words without reason,
when you knew your feelings weren't the reflection of mine?
It's like the summers changed into winter and theres only two seasons,
And now I have a completely whole new perception of lies.

As I can still hear your echoes slowly fading into silence,
I'm struggling to face a new hope like a child frightened.
How am I to know someone else won't do the same,
Can I trust harpies like you to dance in the rain?

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