Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Is liberation a real thing in our time; in our era?
Is it possible to feel if freedom will ever draw nearer?
Or is it just a fantasy we invent in our hopeful minds,
thinking that one day everything will again become clearer.

Is hatred the root of humanity; the symbol of who we are,
Have we lost all compassion for our kin with the same hearts?
Faded into nothing is the time when we would search for the stars,
Now we dare not our souls; serenity in all essence now departs.

We live in a time where the media controls our thinking,
Our feelings and our actions; those with a voice that are singing.
Never do we stop to fear what the dark clouds are bringing,
Never do we regret; we continue on sinning.
And forget that our lives have purpose; we carry on living.

My mind is enveloped from holistic thoughts of the world,
Engulfing my emotions into the pen that records the bloodied words.
Never in a moment do we give a thought to our worth,
Never do we  remember that to God we will return.

My soul entrapped; caged and imprisoned in my body,
No remorse for the things that I did; why am I not sorry?
No freedom to seek for peace; no liberation for my heart,
And all that was once light is now nothing but dark.

No one can free me; all that cared are now leaving me.
I can no longer breathe free; all that shared no longer believe in me.
No liberation for a damned and deafened soul in this living illusion,
A fake paradise to the materialists; the heavens alone are illumined.

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