Sunday, 8 June 2014

Ink Of Emotions

Forever and a day do days transgress,
In more than simple ways and the sins we address.
Is Life just a test? A question not yet laid to rest,
Puzzling thoughts that haunt us till death.
Every morning dawns  a new series of events,
We do things; some we are proud of; some we regret.
Sometimes we forget to appreciate when blessings descend,
Or when the devil whispers; we forget to defend.
If we put the missing pieces together; will we solve it?
Is it all just a jigsaw when the nature of things keep evolving?
Or is life just one big circle like the hotel door revolving?
Questions unanswerable; In the corner I sit self loathing.
Pen to paper flowing words that come to heart,
The ink is my emotions running like a stream from afar.
I am confused; I am lost and unaware of my purpose,
Do I just question everything or do I look to the stars?
Everyday I always ask why I'm always hurting,
And if the pain that I bore was eventually worth it?
I can't answer them; but I hope somebody can,
Maybe when they read this; they'll tell me a plan.
Pen to paper; my emotions leak like the ink has spilled,
And the quill I write with is what has me killed.

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