Monday, 30 June 2014

Everyone wants..

Every person dreams of a perfect world where no wrong existed,
No sins; no crime; no evil and in which no broken hearts were inflicted.

Everyone wants a life where no harm could reach them,
A life in where the nights are silent and the stars are preaching.

Everyone wants to live as free as a soaring bird,
And express exactly how they feel in rhyming words.

Everyone wants to live a simple yet perfect life,
 No hatred; no wrong; no evil in sight.

Everyone wants to smile like there is no sorrow,
Never a yesterday and always a tomorrow.

These are but fantasies and dreams never to be true,
What reality really is will always be what we knew. 

Could the skies always be blue; never a storm,
What if the birds never really flew; and hatred was never born?

Questions only answered with dreams that could be;
But in reality never to happen; we only see what would be.

The devil lurks in the shadows whispering in hearts,
And the angels look down from afar; dancing with the stars.

We weaken when we fall prey to our selfish desires,
And become the reason for igniting the fires.

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