Friday, 20 June 2014

A Second Chance

If magnificence was manifested in our eyes that dream,
If beauty was beheld in our minds that sleep,
If love was less of lust in our hearts that beat,
Would ever time turn back and allow life to repeat?

If we were given a second chance; would we change it?
If we we were to fail in the reckoned plan; would we blame it?
Drowning in demon's hell through embers blazing,
Suffering the singing of the silent shadows invading.

Despising the whispers of the winds; the stars rendezvous,
Inviting the winters of our sins; our hearts break in two.
Lingering silence haunts the depths of our souls agony,
Wilting away in the grey of the cold fantasies.

The screams of the mourning dead are like empty melodies,
Like heartless fiends that screech rebelling against destiny.
A disease widespread; a disease of which there is no remedy,
Like the hatred between two people; two enemies,
No forgiveness for a felony; or mercy for elegies.
There exists no distinction between friendship and enmity,
Nor in what we see as chaotic havoc or a blissful serenity.

Truth is just a word; the meaning is void of reality,
Lies run the world; breathing is now just an apathy.
Let us fall to our knees and let us pray,
For a second chance in life; to live a new way.
Let us start again; let us change the world's maze,
Let us build a new day; let us ignite a new flame.

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