Saturday, 14 June 2014

A Poetic Proposal

You whispered in my ears as I felt the warmth of your breath,
I felt the passion of your love; romance that I hear till my death.
A proposal I pursued for marriage; a matrimony of heavenly connection,
to pledge my heart and soul to you in our ebony perfection.
Two souls attracted together like the poles of a magnet,
and in love they share; cupid they were blasting.
As I fell to my knees; with a box to flip open,
inside lies the treasure and symbol of everything I was hoping.
Oh my beloved; will you marry me today and love me till I die?
Never let me live alone; Never let my tears cry.
Will you be at my side; where my heart wants you to be,
will you be my other half and complete what I'm meant to be?
With this precious ring we are bound together and forever,
And a promise to each other that we shall never love another.
With this circle of gold do we vow the depths of love,
and sinking into the magic of your eyes; I shall never have enough
I shall take your hand down the aisle for wed,
and forever make you my wife till the day I die on my bed.
These are my vows that I rhyme to you; will you accept them?
I give you everything that I am; my heart and soul; will you collect them?
Take me forever as your husband through life's trial,
And I promise myself that i will be the reason for my wife's smile

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful and if this is for your wife to be then she is one lucky person!