Monday, 30 June 2014

Everyone wants..

Every person dreams of a perfect world where no wrong existed,
No sins; no crime; no evil and in which no broken hearts were inflicted.

Everyone wants a life where no harm could reach them,
A life in where the nights are silent and the stars are preaching.

Everyone wants to live as free as a soaring bird,
And express exactly how they feel in rhyming words.

Everyone wants to live a simple yet perfect life,
 No hatred; no wrong; no evil in sight.

Everyone wants to smile like there is no sorrow,
Never a yesterday and always a tomorrow.

These are but fantasies and dreams never to be true,
What reality really is will always be what we knew. 

Could the skies always be blue; never a storm,
What if the birds never really flew; and hatred was never born?

Questions only answered with dreams that could be;
But in reality never to happen; we only see what would be.

The devil lurks in the shadows whispering in hearts,
And the angels look down from afar; dancing with the stars.

We weaken when we fall prey to our selfish desires,
And become the reason for igniting the fires.

Friday, 20 June 2014

A Second Chance

If magnificence was manifested in our eyes that dream,
If beauty was beheld in our minds that sleep,
If love was less of lust in our hearts that beat,
Would ever time turn back and allow life to repeat?

If we were given a second chance; would we change it?
If we we were to fail in the reckoned plan; would we blame it?
Drowning in demon's hell through embers blazing,
Suffering the singing of the silent shadows invading.

Despising the whispers of the winds; the stars rendezvous,
Inviting the winters of our sins; our hearts break in two.
Lingering silence haunts the depths of our souls agony,
Wilting away in the grey of the cold fantasies.

The screams of the mourning dead are like empty melodies,
Like heartless fiends that screech rebelling against destiny.
A disease widespread; a disease of which there is no remedy,
Like the hatred between two people; two enemies,
No forgiveness for a felony; or mercy for elegies.
There exists no distinction between friendship and enmity,
Nor in what we see as chaotic havoc or a blissful serenity.

Truth is just a word; the meaning is void of reality,
Lies run the world; breathing is now just an apathy.
Let us fall to our knees and let us pray,
For a second chance in life; to live a new way.
Let us start again; let us change the world's maze,
Let us build a new day; let us ignite a new flame.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

A Poetic Proposal

You whispered in my ears as I felt the warmth of your breath,
I felt the passion of your love; romance that I hear till my death.
A proposal I pursued for marriage; a matrimony of heavenly connection,
to pledge my heart and soul to you in our ebony perfection.
Two souls attracted together like the poles of a magnet,
and in love they share; cupid they were blasting.
As I fell to my knees; with a box to flip open,
inside lies the treasure and symbol of everything I was hoping.
Oh my beloved; will you marry me today and love me till I die?
Never let me live alone; Never let my tears cry.
Will you be at my side; where my heart wants you to be,
will you be my other half and complete what I'm meant to be?
With this precious ring we are bound together and forever,
And a promise to each other that we shall never love another.
With this circle of gold do we vow the depths of love,
and sinking into the magic of your eyes; I shall never have enough
I shall take your hand down the aisle for wed,
and forever make you my wife till the day I die on my bed.
These are my vows that I rhyme to you; will you accept them?
I give you everything that I am; my heart and soul; will you collect them?
Take me forever as your husband through life's trial,
And I promise myself that i will be the reason for my wife's smile

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Is liberation a real thing in our time; in our era?
Is it possible to feel if freedom will ever draw nearer?
Or is it just a fantasy we invent in our hopeful minds,
thinking that one day everything will again become clearer.

Is hatred the root of humanity; the symbol of who we are,
Have we lost all compassion for our kin with the same hearts?
Faded into nothing is the time when we would search for the stars,
Now we dare not our souls; serenity in all essence now departs.

We live in a time where the media controls our thinking,
Our feelings and our actions; those with a voice that are singing.
Never do we stop to fear what the dark clouds are bringing,
Never do we regret; we continue on sinning.
And forget that our lives have purpose; we carry on living.

My mind is enveloped from holistic thoughts of the world,
Engulfing my emotions into the pen that records the bloodied words.
Never in a moment do we give a thought to our worth,
Never do we  remember that to God we will return.

My soul entrapped; caged and imprisoned in my body,
No remorse for the things that I did; why am I not sorry?
No freedom to seek for peace; no liberation for my heart,
And all that was once light is now nothing but dark.

No one can free me; all that cared are now leaving me.
I can no longer breathe free; all that shared no longer believe in me.
No liberation for a damned and deafened soul in this living illusion,
A fake paradise to the materialists; the heavens alone are illumined.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Ink Of Emotions

Forever and a day do days transgress,
In more than simple ways and the sins we address.
Is Life just a test? A question not yet laid to rest,
Puzzling thoughts that haunt us till death.
Every morning dawns  a new series of events,
We do things; some we are proud of; some we regret.
Sometimes we forget to appreciate when blessings descend,
Or when the devil whispers; we forget to defend.
If we put the missing pieces together; will we solve it?
Is it all just a jigsaw when the nature of things keep evolving?
Or is life just one big circle like the hotel door revolving?
Questions unanswerable; In the corner I sit self loathing.
Pen to paper flowing words that come to heart,
The ink is my emotions running like a stream from afar.
I am confused; I am lost and unaware of my purpose,
Do I just question everything or do I look to the stars?
Everyday I always ask why I'm always hurting,
And if the pain that I bore was eventually worth it?
I can't answer them; but I hope somebody can,
Maybe when they read this; they'll tell me a plan.
Pen to paper; my emotions leak like the ink has spilled,
And the quill I write with is what has me killed.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

When You Left..

It wasn't just yesterday when you decided to leave,
when you finally had enough and said goodbye.
You never understood what you truly meant to me,
It was just as easy for you to simply let me live my life.

I never wanted to let go; It was you that wanted to go,
I never wanted a change; It was you that let tears flow.
You took your steps away from me and just waved,
Leaving me a broken soul burning in this flame.

There isn't a soul like you; I can't fall in love again,
It just does not work that way for me. 
How did you just move on and move away,
When I can't even let the past leave before me.

I wanted you forever but you don't feel the same,
I gave you my heart but now you're returning it.
Words cannot describe the eternity of this pain,
Like it will never end as the inferno I'm burning in.

Why did you let me waste my words without reason,
when you knew your feelings weren't the reflection of mine?
It's like the summers changed into winter and theres only two seasons,
And now I have a completely whole new perception of lies.

As I can still hear your echoes slowly fading into silence,
I'm struggling to face a new hope like a child frightened.
How am I to know someone else won't do the same,
Can I trust harpies like you to dance in the rain?