Tuesday, 20 May 2014

My Pain

It's come to a point now where if crying really has a purpose,
If shedding away sorrowful tears could heal all of the hurting.
Silent screams the heart extrudes; can you hear the pain,
Through the darkness of the night and the pelting of the rain.

It's a cold day to hear what the souls say; how do I forget,
My heart is rotting away like aging corpses; full of many regrets.
Take away my mind; take away my body; everything I use as a shield,
Because people always think they know yet never understand how I feel.

Every day is a day that an individual has to display true strength,
But how can one stand when being chipped away at even by friends?
If I could let loose my heart and share my pain with the world,
No one will ever again complain how much a bullet hurts.

Even my words are tired; even the pen I write with is crying,
An intolerable burn from an eternal fire; lost all will to keep trying.
You haven't seen me smile; I simply have no reason to,
Even my shadows will change just like the seasons do.

The reality of despair has no brighter side; just a false fantasy,
Pain cannot be repaired; I lost sight of life enduring that agony.
Friends are just people that leave footprints; but they too fade,
Blessings are disguised yet not for everyone to embrace.

What is life but a test of strength and I seem to be failing,
Because no one understands the reason why my heart is wailing
If I can't cry; If I can't try; If I can't fight then death can you take me?
For this suffering isn't worth the breath that you gave me.

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