Friday, 23 May 2014

My Doubtful Heart

Days are passing by yet you linger in my mind,
Not even a whisper from you; you're becoming a memory.
Nights are passing by yet it seems there is no time,
I understand now that no soul can truly rebel against destiny. 

The mornings are silent; no breeze or tweets from the birds,
The sun no longer shining; has peace just become a word?
Eternity has become reality when my life is bereft of you,
Even a moment lasts forever when fighting for the truth.

The gentle waves when the sun sets and the crisp orange skies,
Does the day truly end at such a powerful and majestic sight?
The blanket of darkness and glimmering stars in the night,
And the shadows crawl while the gale winds cry.

Many questions arise in thoughts; I'm struggling to answer,
A plague of doubts and rhetorics that  consume me like cancer.
The faith I once had in my heart is misguided by my mind,
As I sit here struggling with my pen to find words that rhyme.

Forced to my knees; my sorrowful pleas rejected,
 My courage now just a commodity; bravery defective.
Now the winds catch my tears and take them with the rain,
When once upon a time they could extinguish the mightiest of flames.

Take me oh death; I want to sigh away my last breath,
I can't cope with the confusion in my head.
As I lay on my bed; I pray you keep me a rest,
and stop me from waking up to a morning unblessed. 

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